Those who commit to a life of crime aren’t always rotten to the core. Some are good people who made a few bad decisions until crime and chaos became the norm. Others, though, almost seem to take pleasure in indulging in bad behavior…

Not much is known about the background of Russian national Viktoria Nasyrova, but from 2014 onward, she seemed to be embroiled in scandal after scandal. Eventually, when her alleged crimes couldn’t get worse, she committed one more jaw-dropping, heinous act—one that involved a deliciously rich dessert.

Viktoria Nasyrova had an affinity for luxury—fur, diamonds, you name it. But getting the money to pay for her high-end tastes was a bit of a problem, and the never-ending quest for cash landed her in more than a lifetime’s worth of trouble.

For example, in 2014, when she still lived in Krasnodar, Viktoria befriended her 54-year-old neighbor, Alla Alekseenko (pictured) who’d just turned a profit from selling her mother’s home. She made three million rubles—about $53,000—on the sale, and allegedly Viktoria had an eye for the money.

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So it was no surprise that suspicion fell on Viktoria when, not long after the sale of the house was complete, Russian authorities found Alla’s charred and hacked-apart remains near Viktoria’s home. But had Viktoria really done it?

Even Alla’s daughter, Nadezda Ford (left) blamed Viktoria for the deed, as Viktoria allegedly had pushed Alla into alienating most of her friends and family over the course of their friendship. Unbelievably, Nadezda confronted Viktoria about it in Russia.

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At the door of Viktoria’s home, Nadezda said she “hugged [Viktoria] tightly and asked, ‘Where is my mom.’ She tried to break out of my hug, pushing me away, and started screaming, ‘She is alive! Get away from me!'” Had Nadezda blamed the wrong person? Well…

Investigators eventually turned up more evidence that led them to Viktoria. Specifically, traffic surveillance cameras caught Viktoria driving a rental car with Alla’s corpse buckled in the front seat. They had captured her… right?

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Had Viktoria been one to admit defeat, this might have been the end for her. However, her next move was something no one could have seen coming—and it was a decision that would define the next few years of her life.

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To preserve her freedom, sources close to the case alleged that Viktoria began a relationship with the lead investigator on her case! With the investigator compromised, Viktoria had effectively bought herself more time to figure a way out…

Still, authorities closed in on her—without the help of the case’s lead investigator. Viktoria had to plan her next move quickly. Rather than face justice, she stole a passport and fled Russia—and she knew just where to go.

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 Viktoria knew she’d be safe from Russian authorities in the United States. Whether it was a coincidence or a morbid calculation, she moved to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn—the same part of town where Alla’s daughter, Nadezda, lived. Nadezda was horrified.

“It’s unbearable,” she said, “to know you’re living next to the person who took everything from you. God forbid anyone live in this agony.” Nadezda was more determined than ever to find justice for her mother. But would she ever get it?

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Despite her smokescreen, Viktoria’s flight from Russia triggered Interpol to make her arrest a top priority. The organization suspected that Viktoria had, in fact, murdered Alla to steal money and jewelry she obtained through the home sale.

Nadezda did her part to make sure Viktoria was caught. She made repeated calls to immigration officials and enlisted retired NYPD detective Herman Weisberg to track her down. Whether Viktoria knew it or not, the law was after her. Could she slip away again?

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Meanwhile in Brooklyn, you’d think that Viktoria would be living a modest life, watching over her shoulder every minute for the police, right? Nope! She lived like a queen, buying diamonds and fur with money she allegedly thieved from Alla!

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As if that wasn’t brazen enough, Viktoria—who’d started going by “Rachel” at that point—worked as a dominatrix with clients who “mutually satisfied each other’s primal instincts.” But the money from Alla and her work still wasn’t enough to satisfy her…

It seemed Viktoria would go to any lengths for some quick cash. One of her clients recalled that she made him fried fish before a meeting. She insisted he eat it right away, and once he did, he passed out. The man claimed Viktoria robbed him of about $3,300. Would she ever be stopped?

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On August 28, 2016, Viktoria paid a visit to a friend she’d made while living in New York named Olga Tsvyk. Olga was an eyelash technician, and she looked similar to Viktoria. On that day, Viktoria approached her friend with an urgent request. She brought a gift, too…

“She came to my house, saying she need[ed] emergency lash repair,” Olga told the New York Post. Viktoria brought a slice of cheesecake as additional payment for the emergency request. The dessert seemed odd, but they were friends, so Olga accepted.

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Olga might have refused if she knew Viktoria had a history of drugging men with food before robbing them, but instead, she cheerfully took the cake from her friend. “It tasted like a regular cheesecake, nothing out of the ordinary,” Olga said.

Soon, she felt nauseated and she vomited. Viktoria told her not to worry and that she’d help clean up the mess. The last thing Olga remembered was Viktoria looking down on her as she lost consciousness…

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A day later, Olga’s landlord found her stripped down to her underwear, in bed, and surrounded by pills. A staged suicide. The heat in her apartment had been turned way up. She’d been 40 minutes away from a heart attack, doctors told her. What happened?

After a few days of treatment, she returned home to find her passport and gold ring missing. Olga knew the culprit. “She [Viktoria] planned it. She was looking for someone like me, alone in the country, nobody would look for me.”

Viktoria Nasyrova / Facebook via Daily Mail

Authorities tested the slice of cheesecake and found traces of phenazepam, a powerful tranquilizer. Viktoria allegedly weaponized the cake so she could use Olga’s passport in the future, in case she needed to flee again. Once more, she’d created an escape plan. But this time, she’d made a serious miscalculation in the process…

With her list of crimes in America piling up, American authorities didn’t need to rely on Viktoria’s crimes in Russia to officially charge her. That made Detective Herman Weisberg—and Nadezda—all the more determined to catch her.

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Through his research, Detective Weisberg discovered that Viktoria posted on Facebook under yet another alias during her escapades in Brooklyn. “After poring over pictures,” he said, “I realized the stitching on the leather car seat in one of her selfies was unique to a high-end Chrysler.” Finally, he had a way to track her down…

Viktoria Nasyrova / Facebook via Daily Mail

His team scoured Brooklyn until they spotted a car with an interior that matched the photo. After a stakeout, they located Viktoria—surveillance shot here—and followed her to her home. They finally found out where she lived!

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Because she had outstanding warrants from her crimes, the NYPD Warrant Squad could move on her quickly once Detective Weisberg supplied them with her address. Pictured here is the apartment she lived in.

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On March 20, 2017, authorities finally arrested Viktoria. They indicted her on 10 counts, which included attempted murder and robbery. She’s currently being held without bail on Riker’s Island…

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When those affected by Viktoria’s crime sprees heard the news, they all breathed a collective sigh of relief. “This is some kind of miracle for me,” Nadezda said. “Three years of my life, and finally, [Viktoria] gets arrested.”

Gregory P. Mango / New York Post

“‘She embarked on a life of crime here,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Bob Boyce said. “And we don’t have the whole story yet. We only have bits and pieces.” Hopefully, authorities can keep others safe from Viktoria’s alleged pathological tendencies.

It should be noted that Viktoria maintained her innocence in every crime she was charged for. Still, she wracked up quite the list of allegations.

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