When a good samaritan discovered a wombat that was struck by a car, he knew there wasn’t much he could do for the poor animal. But the wombat was a female, and her baby was still alive inside her pouch. It still had a chance.

The man picked up the infant and drove about 100 miles to the Australian Reptile Park in New South Wales. The little guy was just barely hanging on.

The orphan baby wombat was given the name “Kenny,” after the man who rescued him. Kenny proved to be a fighter.


He was given constant care and fed from a bottle. And he started to improve.


Little Kenny was a mere 13.6 ounces when he arrived, but he quickly gained strength.


Fully grown wombats can weigh over 60 lbs and, now, he’s well on his way to being a healthy adult. And did we mention he’s adorable?


But the best part? Kenny quickly discovered that his favorite place to sleep in a chest of drawers.


It’s the best place to get some much-needed wombat-beauty sleep. Which is essential to being the most adorable animal ever.


It could be that he enjoys the confined space because it’s reminiscent of a burrow (where wombats typically would do their sleeping).


But that doesn’t make it any less cute!


Actually, it looks like Kenny can fall asleep pretty much anywhere.


Unlike some other marsupials, such as kangaroos, wombats’ pouches open in the rear to prevent it from filling with dirt while they dig.


They also have a boney-backside to protect their rear-ends from predators that may have followed them down their burrow.


Baby wombats will stay in the pouch for up to six months and remain with their mothers for close to a year.


Orphaned wombats like Kenny often have trouble being reintroduced to the wild.


But the staff at the sanctuary still has hope that Kenny can eventually be released.


But if not, I will gladly adopt him! Just kidding… sort of.


Source: Australian Reptile Park

Kenny sleeping in that drawer is the most adorable thing I could ever imagine. Wombats are officially becoming my new favorite animal!

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