Makeup has been around practically since the beginning of time. For thousands of years, women have experimented with using different products to accentuate certain facial features—and to conceal others.

While there’s no denying the beauty of a bare face in all its glory, there are few things more fun (or better for the ego) than experimenting with new makeup looks. From a smoky eye to a ’70s mod look, it’s all an adventure!

Below you will find 19 women who dared to bare half of their face while the other side was totally done up in the look of their choice. When you see how makeup can totally transform a person, you’ll be headed to your closest Ulta in no time!

1. This woman manages to totally transform her complexion with a simple application of foundation, concealer, and highlighter. The dramatic swoop of her Instagram-worthy brow is just the cherry on top of the completed look.


2. You might think of contouring as something that is way too over-the-top for everyday makeup, but this woman’s quick tutorial shows you just how far a little bit of contouring can go. It really brightens your face and makes you look more well-rested.


3. While this woman’s natural skin is just lovely (who doesn’t love freckles?), she shows what a dramatic difference a powder-based foundation and a smoky eye can make on almost any person out there! Don’t you just love that bold red lip?


4. While some people wear makeup only for special occasions, others wear it every single day to conceal flawed skin or scars. This model below demonstrates the magical way makeup transforms her look all the time.


5. This woman is simply stunning, whether she’s wearing makeup or not. Still, it’s pretty neat to see how her careful application of lipstick and lipliner tend to streamline her entire face, drawing attention to her piercing green eyes.


6. While this woman’s dramatic look is a bit too dramatic for the office, it’s a great example of how one can cover up blemishes or other problem areas on their face that they might want to conceal on a big night out on the town.


7. Even though makeup can totally transform your face, it’s definitely not necessary to make you look like an entirely different person, either! This woman’s simple winged liner and pop of lip color is an inspiration for a quick, chic, everyday look. It’s totally proof that less truly is more.


8. This woman almost doesn’t look real! One side of her face looks like someone you might bump into on the street, while the other side of her face is painted up to look like she’s part of the Kardashian clan. How did she do all that?


9. You also don’t need to be born with thick, long lashes to achieve the look this makeup magician shared below. Lining your lower inner eyelid, curling your lashes, and applying multiple coats of mascara can give you lashes so dramatic that they don’t even look real!


10. There is something unsettling about this halfway-done goth look. The illumination in the corner of the eye adds a nice touch of brightness, but the berry lip color might be too dark for her already cool complexion. It doesn’t matter too much, though; that smoldering glare certainly heats things up!


11. Who said redheads in blue eyeshadow is clichĂ©? This modern take on a classic look is bright, refreshing, and totally versatile. Wear it out to dinner and dancing or into the office. (Though if it’s the office, maybe swap out the huge hoops for more understated studs…)


12. This woman definitely knows what her strongest features are, which is pretty critical if you’re a makeup fan! She focuses on emphasizing her naturally high cheekbones and her killer brow line. No need to cover that already flawless skin!


13. This woman’s careful application of a lightweight foundation gives her just enough coverage without totally concealing her adorable freckles. The use of highlighter at the corners of her eyes really brightens up her look, too. This is definitely one makeup style everyone should try!


14. This woman’s makeup application transforms her from pimple-faced teen into a put-together young adult. The expertly applied copper-hued lipstick emphasizes her naturally full lips, while the winged liner is a fun, trendy way to play with eyeliner.


15. Stay out in the sun too long? Layer on a soothing moisturizer and a creamy foundation like the woman below and no one will be any the wiser. Next time, make sure you apply a foundation with a decent SPF before going out to catch some rays. Protect that precious skin!


16. This woman was aiming for a neutral-based smoky evening look, but she made one big mistake. Instead of picking just one feature to emphasize with her color palette, she opted to emphasize every feature. This leads to a look that’s too heavy (and a bit sloppy). Next time, stick to one feature and play it up!


17. This is a perfect example of how to rock a smoky dramatic look without overwhelming your delicate features. This woman has chosen to emphasize her eyes, leaving her lips totally nude. It’s a balance that is dramatic for sure, but it doesn’t age her like heavier looks would.


18. If you’re a natural blonde, then pale brows and non-existent lashes can be the bane of your existence. This blonde shows you how it’s done with a filled-in ashy brown and a dramatic use of natural-looking false lashes.


19. This woman doesn’t just show you half her face; she shows you the entire before and after. Talk about knowing how to highlight your strongest features! There’s nothing that doesn’t work when it comes to this dramatic, berry-hued look!


These makeup transformations are completely mesmerizing, aren’t they? It’s amazing how some people are able to totally change their appearance with the flick of an eyeliner pencil and a swipe of lip color. So cool!

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