It’s been said that if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Well, not everybody has that luxury—in fact, many people have no choice but to take on an absolutely nightmarish job just to get by.

When you think of bad jobs, you might picture stressful retail positions, dead-end desk work, or simply any role in which you’re underpaid and under-appreciated. Indeed, those are far from anyone’s dream careers.

These 17 jobs, however, are the absolute worst. From dealing with sheer humiliation to literally working with raw sewage, each one of these will help you appreciate whatever job you currently have!

1. This worker in India doesn’t seem too happy about the fact that he’s wading waist-deep in sewage without any protective clothing.


2. Simon Alison says that he loves his job taste-testing cat and dog food for pet brand Marks and Spencer and, well… good for him.


3. We don’t know why this man is required to hold up the bullseye for target practice, but surely there’s a safer, more efficient way?


4. These women are paid to sniff volunteers’ armpits to test a deodorant brand.


5. Some kids dream of being the captain of a ship. Some dream of being the ship.


6. This walking cup mascot doesn’t have holes for his head or arms… so what is the point of this outfit?


7. They’re advertising some sort of toilet cleaning service, but the marketing genius who thought of this clearly didn’t account for their dignity.


8. Isn’t there some sort of machine that could do this more efficiently? (And did anyone actually apply?)


9. This poor guy has to operate a mechanical cow for the bull to ejaculate into.


10. Apparently, this Indian man is disguised as an ape because he was hired to “combat a monkey invasion.”


11. You know how annoying it is to untangle Christmas lights? Just imagine having to be the guy who sorts all those cables!


12. “When you think your job is s*** just remember you could be a dildo dipper,” captioned one Imgur user.


13. “See you guys later, I’ve got a 45-year-old sewage tank to explore!” said one Imgur user.


14.”Technical difficulties with a roller coaster and this guy’s job is to ride it alone and see what’s wrong with it,” said a caption on Imgur. “Worst job ever.” Oh, you have no idea!


15. If you think your cubicles are cramped, just imagine having to work here…


16. Hey, if you have a bad job, you might as well have a sense of humor about it.


17. Any job that requires you to crawl up an elephant’s rear is not a job worth having… unless the pay is, like, really good.


These folks are just trying to survive like the rest of us. Some of us do it by taking a part-time telemarketing job… and others climb into an elephant’s butt!

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