School Bus Driver Gets Fired Over A Single Facebook Post That Everyone Should See

Your interactions with your child’s school bus driver might be pretty short-lived: you’ll greet them as they pull up to the stop or open the door to let your kid hop aboard, and that’s about it. But bus drivers aren’t just chauffeurs; they’re people who truly care for the children they transport.

Why Ramen Could Spell Disaster For People's Bodies, No Matter How Good It Is For Our Budget

People do all sorts of things to save money on food when their bank accounts start nearing the red. Few options, however, are as ubiquitous as instant ramen. From college students and any other individual living on a strict budget, these cheap noodles are practically essential.

Police Say These Safety Tips Could Prevent People From Being The Victim Of A Burglary Or Worse

We’d like to think most criminals are like the two goons from the Home Alone films: easily thwarted with a few traps developed by a little kid. The unfortunate fact, however, is that criminals have become exceedingly clever.

11 Totally Dumbfounding Photos That Seem To Have No Logical Explanation

Seeing is believing… until you see something unbelievable, like an optical illusion. By definition, optical illusions are images that differ from their impartial reality. Sometimes, the most popular illusions are those that simply require another perspective—and their secrets are actually hidden in plain sight.

Genius 4th Grader Invents A Brilliant Life-Saving Device All For A School Project

A child’s mind is often capable of thinking outside the box and seeing things in a unique way that puts grown-ups to shame. More often than not, they apply their inventive imaginations to telling stories and playing games.

Here's Why Letting A Car Idle To Heat It Up During The Winter Is A Terrible Idea

Depending on where you live, you can probably expect a heavy dose of cold this winter. Snow may blanket your front lawn or ice may cover your windows, and the unfortunate reality is that you’re going to have don your gloves, boots, and shovel and deal with it all.

Moments After This Teen Girl Suddenly Dies In Mexico, Doctors Realize What She Drank

Many people rely on a little caffeine pick-me-up every now and then, whether it’s a cup of coffee to start the morning or a soda with lunch to power through the afternoon. The problem with caffeine, though, is that it’s not good for you—and it’s easy to consume too much of it these days.

One Look At This Guy's Transformation Could Make Anyone Swear Off Drugs Forever

Although everyone knows about the the ravages of drug addiction, every year more and more people get hooked on addictive substances. That’s why we need constant reminders of the havoc that drugs wreak, even though it can be painful to take.

Crazy Video Reveals What Really Happens When People Try To Pour Water Over The Hoover Dam

Visually stunning and often fantastically engineered, dams are proof that man can indeed tame nature. By controlling the flow of water, cities are able to generate electricity and effectively manage resources.

17 True Horror Stories From History That Were Kept Hidden For Years Afterward

True crime is among the most popular genres of television, movies, and books in the United States. Between the gore, scandal, and horror that these stories entail, Americans simply cannot get enough of them.

Every Mother's Worst Nightmare Came True For One Actress When Her Newborn Started Screaming

Every new parent has made the mistake of accidentally dropping their child at some point – though most may be too embarrassed or ashamed to admit it. And if there’s no visible problem resulting from the fall, they might assume their child is okay.

4th Grader Invents A Brilliant Life-Saving Device, All For A School Project!

Children often have the ability to think outside the box and see things in a unique way that puts adults to shame. Usually, kids apply their inventive imaginations to things like stories and games, but sometimes they come up with something surprisingly useful.

Man Has His Body Infested With Worms From A Common Food Item

It’s safe to say that we’re usually not too worried about the side effects of food when we eat it. Sure, knowing how many grams of fat are lurking in peanut butter might be a cause for a concern, but in today’s day and age, most of the stuff on your plate won’t cause you too much harm… right? Wrong!

Scientists Venture Into Ancient Chinese Houses Only To Make A Hair-Raising Discovery

The past is filled with all sorts of terrifying and bizarre occurrences. Some of these events make their way into the history books, but many more are lost to time. Every now and again, though, archaeologists unearth something that reminds us of history’s little-known secrets—ones some may have wished would stay hidden.

Ex-Wife Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband With An Absolutely Brilliant Plan

The ending of a marriage is always tough on both parties, but when infidelity is involved, it’s worse than usual. The added level of betrayal makes everything more difficult—not to mention, cause for a little karmic retribution. Those who have ever experienced this firsthand won’t be able to help but nod in approval at this widely-circulated tale.