Dad Checking Home Security Footage Is Startled To Spot His Wife Lying On Baby's Bedroom Floor

Any parent with a small child knows that installing a baby monitor in your home is an absolute must. You want to be sure your little one is safe and sound; after all, it’s impossible to be everywhere at the same time.

U.S. Soldier Defects To North Korea Only To Have A Forced Marriage Save His Life

On a cold night in January 1965, United States soldier Charles Jenkins finally had seen enough of the military. In a moment of desperation, he decided to flee his post at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

Scientists Just Discovered 500-Year-Old Sunken Warship That May Be Cursed

There’s no doubting that archaeologists and explorers serve a tremendously meaningful purpose to humanity. Without their desire to uncover history’s greatest mysteries, there’s a chance many important historical events would be forgotten forever.

70 Foster Kids In Kansas Go Missing Before Police Even Realize There's A Problem

While it’s true that many children who wind up in foster care often come from troubled homes, there are plenty of other reasons why kids end up in those situations.

15 Unsettling Facts About The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Hundreds of conspiracy theories have attempted to explain the true backstories of some of history’s most monumental events. From the JFK assassination to the 1969 moon landing, it’s as if people believe there’s always more to the story.

20 Insanely Dangerous Roads No One In Their Right Mind Would Ever Want To Drive On

It’s easy to fall into a routine when you have the same commute to and from work each day. You could probably drive it blindfolded because you’re so familiar with all of the twists, turns, stops, and bumps in the road, right?

When Cop Notices The Girl He Sees Every Day Is Missing, His Instinct Tells Him To Rush Inside

Growing up during the 1990s was far from easy for a young girl named Klynn Scales. Living with her mom and two brothers in Kansas City, Missouri, their lives weren’t exactly perfect—and it was a constant struggle to get by.

After Years Of Mysterious Accidents The Police Discover This Mother's Chilling Secret

It goes without saying that life is difficult, and even the smallest amount of support can be a major help to anyone going through a trying time. That’s why we should always empathize with people whose lives are seemingly marked by one tragedy after the next.

A Year After This Teen's Father Dies, She Reveals A Disturbing Secret To Her Best Friend

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially if it happens in a tragic and unexpected manner. You may scramble to find some answers, but they aren’t always readily available. And, sometimes, they surface when you least expect it.

12 Simple Survival Hacks That Could Be Real Lifesavers In An Emergency

The world can be crazy place, and a lot can go wrong before you even know it. One moment you’re happily hiking along a trail, and in the next you’re stuck in a life-or-death situation, forced to rely only on your wits to survive.

Farmer Accidentally Unearths An Ancient Artifact With A Cursed History

Every so often you read a story about someone accidentally stumbling upon a historic artifact stuffed in their attic or buried in their backyard. Sure, it seems like the premise of a fairy tale, but these things do occasionally happen.

300-Year-Old Cave In The Philippines Turns Out To Be Hiding A Horrific Secret

You may have heard about outer space being referred to as the “final frontier” since so much has already been discovered on Earth. The truth is, though, that it’s a big planet, and there are still amazing things to find right below our feet!

Newly Found Rolls Of Film From Arctic Hot Air Balloon Crash Reveal A Desperate Race To Survive

You can never underestimate the power of human curiosity. Without the work of brave explorers, there’s a chance many places on Earth would remain undiscovered to this very day.

10 Self-Proclaimed 'Miracle Workers' Who Made Huge Mistakes In Front Of Their Own Followers

There are a number of reasons supposed miracle workers are often successful in convincing their audiences of their authenticity. From cult leaders to false profits, people often want to believe there’s someone out there who can cure what ails them.

We Finally Know What Happened To The Other Members Of The Manson Family

Famed cult leader and messiah figure Charles Manson catapulted into the public eye during the Summer of Love in 1969 when he orchestrated the Tate and LaBianca murders. Of course, he was not alone; he accomplished the murders through his followers, known as the Manson Family.