Family That Stumbles Upon A Pulsating Object On The Beach Is Bewildered To Learn Its Real Origins

Kids, bless their hearts, will touch just about anything. Wet, dirty, slimy, it doesn’t really matter: those curious little explorers will stop at nothing when it comes to understanding everything the world has to offer, especially, it seems, if its potentially very dangerous.

10 Wild Celebrity Meltdowns That Cost Them The Respect Of Even Their Biggest Fans

We’ve all seen the photographs of celebrities in glittering dresses strutting down the red carpet; the definition of elegance and grace. We’ve watched videos of white-tie galas packed with Hollywood’s elite rubbing elbows with fancy cocktails in their hands. But when cameras are always rolling, mishaps are bound to happen.

Hero Soldier Returns From Service To Find His Home Out Of Sorts

The family dog wags his tail so hard his whole body shakes; the kids turn off the Xbox and jump with joy. Then the spouse comes in for that tearful, happy hug: a soldier returning home from service is a triumphant, picturesque affair — one that’s nearly magic. Or, at least it should be.

Object Uncovered In A Dried-Up Lake Sheds Light On A Long-Forgotten History

Knock the dust off your photo albums and turn to any page, and you’ll find a photo that reminds you of a moment you’ve forgotten about: a first birthday party, an awkwardly posed prom pic, or a smile from a family member long ago passed on. This inevitably begins the proverbial walk down memory lane.

Blue Lines Being Painted Down The Middle Of Roads In New Jersey Are Sparking Heated Debate

Even the kid who slept through most of driver’s ed knows, in North America, if you see double-yellow lines in the road, you can’t drive over them to pass a car (no matter how slow its driving)! Those lines have saved lives for decades — ignoring them can have big consequences.

Utah Newlyweds Embark On A Desperate Journey To Fulfill Their Strongest Desire

At some point, you’ve dreamed of a long overdue promotion — and a fat pay raise to boot. You’ve probably dreamed of the perfect, all-smiles marriage or relationship, too. And, if you’re human at all, you know how terrible it feels to fall short of your dreams.

4-Year-Old Lost In The Siberian Wilderness Gets A Miracle From An Unlikely Hero

Siberia is not for the unprepared. If the animals don’t get you, the mucky bogs and wetlands might be what do you in. And while navigating that terrain, you have to look out for wintry temperatures of, like, -70 degrees Fahrenheit… and did we mention there aren’t a lot of people around to help you out when you’re in trouble?

20 Strange Inventions From History People Once Thought Were Actually Necessary

When Gary Dahl first put a rock in a cardboard box with air holes, the people of ’75 lost their collective minds. He invented a pet even the dumbest kid couldn’t kill, and his bank account was rewarded handsomely. Yet, years later, we look back and wonder: what were buyers of the pet rock thinking?

Beach Photographer Spots A Heart-Racing Scene Through The Lens Of A Drone

Take a trip to a beach and you’ll see kids throwing sand and jumping over sunbathers. You’ll hear the roar of crashing waves, and smell that pungent odor of salt and sunscreen. The truth is, nowhere invites friendly chaos quite like a public shore.

The Curious Disturbance At A Philadelphia Museum

People go to museums to be wowed. They want to get popped in the face with a little bit of unknown history or bathe in the glory of new information and beautiful artifacts. But if guests visited one Philadelphia museum on August 22, 2018, they were treated to something a little different.

Wild Photos People Found On Their Phones That They Definitely Did Not Take

There’s a reason big tech companies load up smartphones with six-digit passcodes, thumbprint scanners, and face recognition technology — people want privacy! But even on the newest phones, the camera remains accessible to everyone and that can be great… and also a little alarming!

20 People Who Wished They Stayed Home From Work

Whether the boss pulled you into her office and slapped you with a stack of papers or the clocks froze in some sick joke, everyone’s had a bad day at work (and everyone loves to complain about it)! Nothing brings people together like a tough day at the office.

Climber Reveals Big Secret To Girlfriend On Hike And Later Makes A Regrettable Choice

It takes a certain type of person to climb mountains. Adventure junkies across the globe know that while a hunk of rock might look unimposing, actually scaling that massive front is another thing entirely. It’s a challenge like no other, and sometimes even professionals get scared.

Truck Driver Goes Viral After Sharing This Life-Saving Advice

Sharing the road with 18-wheeler trucks can be a scary prospect. After all, an accident with one of those 40-ton trucks isn’t likely to have positive results for someone driving a sedan. Luckily, some truckers are working to make the road safer for everyone.

20 Genius Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide That Barely Anyone Knows

What the heck is hydrogen peroxide? The chemical compound often found in medicine cabinets and beneath sinks seems to serve any anti-bacterial purpose you could ever ask for.