Giant Structures Across The Planet Were Built By The Most Unlikely Architects

In nature, most animal’s shelters are far from spectacular: a bird will stack a few twigs into a nest, or a rodent will dig a cozy burrow for itself. At the same time, some species build homes so large they could make a billionaire blush.

The 20 Most Iconic Duos To Ever Grace Our Movie Screens

Plenty of films have thrilling set pieces or cool special effects. However, memorable characters really determine whether or not a movie stands the test of time. And, as the old age says, two heads are better than one.

Man's Bad Dream Inspires Him To Begin Construction On A Project Of Literally Biblical Proportions

Has a dream ever given you a crazy idea? Maybe, drawing on something locked away in your subconscious, a dream inspired you to write a song or mend a long-dead relationship. Most of us who have these midnight moments of inspiration never act on them — but Johan Huibers did.

Young Fan That Writes Courageous Letter To Her Favorite NBA Star Receives Wild Message In Return

Should you ever meet your heroes? You expose yourself to real disappointment when someone turns out to be a totally different person than you thought, but a chance connection with a star can pay dividends. Just ask Riley Morrison.

Real-Life 'Tomb Raider' Uncovers A Site Unlike Any She's Ever Encountered

Lara Croft and Indiana Jones are works of fiction, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t real adventurers out there. Explorers are uncovering hidden or forgotten secrets all the time, and their discoveries often pack just as much drama as those in the movies.

Post-Apocalyptic Scene In The Desert Is Drawing People In From All Over The World

There are festivals, and then there are festivals. At your typical music event, you can shell out a ton of money and wait in long lines to see your favorite bands — plus a few that aren’t favorites. But if you look a little bit harder, you can find fests that seem out of this world.

Star Student Does A Good Deed Before Her School Decides To Hand Down An Outrageous Punishment

They say justice is blind, which is probably why it also isn’t perfect. There are plenty of good people out there who wind up punished for no reason, and all they can do is fight back against a corrupt system.

Young Girl Lost In Siberia For Days Is Forced To Take Extreme Measures To Survive

Thanks to an abundance of technologies and other people, we can easily pinpoint our exact locations. In this day and age, it’s hard to get truly lost, though there are still some not-so WiFi-rich corners of the Earth where things like Google Maps aren’t practical. Take, for example, rural Siberia.

Man That Sees Disaster Unfolding Is Forced To Make A Life-Defining Choice

Shavarsh Karapetyan became a household name in Armenia because he swam harder and faster than a lot of other people. But if you asked the decorated, competitive swimmer about what many considered his most shining moment, he wouldn’t point to a moment in the pool.

Heroic Police Offer Gets A Wild Phone Call 25 Years After Saving A Life

As a seasoned policeman, Michael Buelna had saved lives before. It was part of his job, after all, and because he protected one of the country’s more dangerous cities, he frequently flexed his heroism muscle.

Enigmatic Man That Hung Out With Movie Stars Had An Amusing Past That Finally Came To Light

What would you do to be famous? There is only so much room for A-list actors and musicians out there, but every day there is a new celebrity made by a reality TV show or viral video. These days, you can achieve stardom for just about anything.

Family Builds A Supposedly Indestructible House On The Beach Before Soon Facing The Ultimate Test

When it comes to the safety of your family, you might hope for the best while planning for the worst. Even if disaster never strikes, the knowledge that you and your home (and everything in it) won’t end up damaged beyond repair can go a long way.

21 Little-Known Facts About Facebook's Creator And Social Media Czar Mark Zuckerberg

How many times have you checked Facebook today? The web giant is so omnipresent that it’s easy to forget that it was once just an idea in the head of Mark Zuckerberg. And when the introverted programmer launched Facebook in 2004, he never could’ve guessed it would make him an icon.

18 Epic Pranks That Fooled The World Before The People Behind Them Were Finally Exposed

Everybody loves a good prank — well, except whoever falls for it. “You’ve got something on your shirt” is way overdone at this point, but every once in a while, a stunt gets so elaborate that it can fool millions of people, or even the entire world.

Man Inspired By Famous Haunted Mansion Becomes Consumed With His Own Building Project

The adage goes that a man’s home is his castle. It’s supposed to mean that when you have your own place, you can be yourself and be in charge, but of course, a few people take the “castle” part a little too literally.