20 Photos Snapped By People That Were In The Exact Right Place At The Exact Right Time

Most of us have told a crazy story or two that warranted some pretty strange looks from friends; they probably told you that you were full of it, or that you were spinning some unbelievable tale just for the sake of a few laughs. But on the rare occasion that we can actually back our words up, the proof that we provide is sometimes more outrageous than the story.

Two Men Fed Up With An Oppressive Government Hatched A Wild Escape Plan

History is marked by great feats of courage, but few are more significant than those undertaken to protect the ones we care about. Even in the face of imminent danger, men and women throughout time have put their lives on the line to ensure that no harm would come to those they love.

10 Historic Television Broadcasts That Were Watched By More People Than Any Others In History

When watching a live television broadcast, you probably don’t consider the number of people also tuning in. Sure, you know you’re not the only one watching the morning news or football on Sundays, but that’s about the extent of the average person’s engagement with TV viewership numbers.

Young Twins Become National Heroes After Stopping An Emergency That Others Didn't Even See

When we think of heroes, the first people that usually come to mind are those that put their lives on the line to help others. Firefighters and police officers are surely worthy of such praise, but what about the ordinary folks that unexpectedly swoop in to play the savior?

Fashion Icon Calvin Klein Paid A High Price For His Fame That Almost No One Remembers Today

The spotlight that superstar status brings isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, all that attention is great for an ego boost, but leaving yourself at the mercy of the public can sometimes have unexpected consequences — or even make you a target.

The Incredible Story Behind An Amusement Park Carny Saving Millions Of Lives

Believe it or not, we’re only a few decades removed from the days of the common cold being just as deadly as the flu. With medical knowledge at a premium back then, what were the parents of sick babies to do when it seemed like nothing they tried was working?

Boy's Small Act Of Kindness That He Forgot All About Is Repaid In Dramatic Fashion Years Later

Sure, a pat on the back or a simple “thank you” is usually the standard for a job well done, but what if a single compassionate act could change your life along with someone else’s? Doing good for others is often a reward in and of itself, but sometimes our generosity comes back to us in ways we never imagined.

20 Incredibly American Photos That Are Bringing Out The True Patriots Around The Country

Baseball! Apple pie! Fireworks! It seems like almost everyone has an opinion on what it means to be an American. Yes, a little good-natured disagreement is never a bad thing, but there’s one thing every true American can agree on: loving this country runs in our blood.

Elderly Man's Daring Act of Kindness Spares A Group of Children From A Brutal Fate

Chances are you’ve walked past a homeless person without a second thought. It takes no effort to ignore someone in need, after all, especially those who are strangers. But what if, when faced with helping someone you didn’t know, one simple act could save his or her life?

Louisiana Millionaire's Steep Fall From Grace Lands Him Behind Bars For Life

Striking it rich is something many folks dream about, but what they don’t think of is just how hard it can be to hold on to that money once they’ve made it! Temptations lurk around every corner when you have wealth to spare, and for those without enough self-control, a pocket stuffed with dollar bills can become the recipe for a destructive downward spiral.

Two Hikers Make a Discovery In The Snow And Unlock Centuries of Lost History

Mountain climbing isn’t for the faint of heart, and any seasoned mountaineer will tell you to always expect the unexpected. A simple shift in the weather can prove disastrous for a hiker, and one misstep can mean the difference between making it home and ending up at the bottom of a chasm.

19 Times People Found The Most Unexpected Things

Is there anything more intriguing than finding something hiding where it doesn’t belong? From a dollar bill in the coat that you haven’t worn since last winter to digging up a rare coin on the beach, finding something out of the ordinary can feel even more exciting when it happens during a totally ordinary day.

20 Common Careers That Will Soon Become A Distant Memory

Cleaning out gutters, fixing toilets, getting up at the crack of dawn to sell newspapers, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it, right? Turns out, maybe not! While we thought these standby gigs would be around forever, it appears that isn’t anywhere close to being the case.

Man Removing Bricks Discovers A Huge Hidden Surprise Behind Them

Ask around, and it seems like every homeowner has a complaint about their living space. The front door is too squeaky. The bathroom floor is tilted. But as time goes on, it’s these little quirks that really make a place feel like home… unless, of course, that quirk turns out to be something living.

Song Cuts Out During Newlyweds' First Dance For A Wild Twist That Floors Everyone

Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest days in a couple’s life. The moment the two exchange vows is an experience like none other, and those lucky enough to attend have the privilege of sharing this special moment. While you may plan out your big day to the very last detail, unexpected surprises still have a funny way of popping up.