Anyone Thinking Of Throwing Out An Old Water Heater Should Follow This Guy's Lead Instead

From copper pipes to entire appliances, we’ve all tried to relieve ourselves of junk while cleaning the house—and maybe make a profit from it, too. But have you ever considered giving it a second life? One man did, and his DIY project might just make you take a second look.

One Amazing Thing Nobody Realizes They Can Actually Cook On The Grill

There are few things more divine than a pizza. Amazingly, the mouth-watering cheesy goodness that offers a subtle crunch and a hint of sweetness makes for not only the perfect dinner, but lunch and breakfast as well.

What's Hiding Inside This Old German Air Hangar Is The Last Thing Anyone Would Expect

If you plan a trip to the central European nation of Germany, you’re certainly not expecting to see any pristine tropical beaches or picturesque waves. You’d have to visit a locale closer to the equator if you’re seeking that kind of vacation. Or would you?

Two Boys Digging In Their Yard Unearth A Truly Incredible Discovery

What’s the most incredible or unusual thing you might find in your backyard? Say you pick up a metal detector and find an old coin, or perhaps you come across an arrowhead. Pretty neat, huh?

Here's How To Survive A Potentially Deadly Fall From A Great Height

Though they might not register as one of the top causes of death like, say, heart disease or cancer, falls are responsible for at least 420,000 fatalities per year around the world. And when it comes to injury-related deaths, they are second only to car accidents!

18 Of The Most Unfortunately Placed Ads Of All Time

In the advertising world, few things are done without a great deal of thought and consideration. From mock-ups to focus groups, there are countless layers in the ad-production process that must occur before it’s sent out into the world.

California Couple Purchases New Home And Discovers A Hidden Fallout Shelter

Purchasing a house is supposed to be an exciting experience. Sure, it can be daunting—especially when you’re trying to sort out all the financials and the like—but it’s a wonderful feeling once you can begin to fill your new home with life.

Mom Of Two Will Be 'Internally Decapitated' Unless She Can Raise Money For Surgery

Samantha Smith of England was stunned to learn that she was fighting a battle against her own body. After a visit to the doctor, the 30-year-old mother of two received some horrifying news: she needed surgery fast, or else it’d be too late to save her.

15 Things We Were Taught In School That Are Actually Totally False

When it comes to growing up, few things are as important as getting a proper education. There’s just so much that we need to learn, and school is (usually) the place to learn it!

Burning Coffee Grounds Outdoors Is The Most Brilliant Life Hack Of The Summer

The summer months are just about in full swing, which means that long, sunny days are here at last. Not only that, but with Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, a lot of folks have already opened up their pools for the season.

UPS Driver Saves A Mother And Her Baby After Seeing The Note Scribbled On A Package

Just about everyone is so used to seeing UPS trucks out and about that we don’t think twice when we see them stopped on the side of the road. They’re just part of everyday life, given that people are sending and receiving more packages than ever.

City Experiences Terrifying 'Chemical Snowfall' After A Heavy Rainstorm

In most parts of the world, an occasional snowfall can be a thing of beauty. There really isn’t anything like those first flakes of the season drifting past your window.

17 Completely Real Facts That Sound Too Crazy To Be True

Almost everyone loves to have a good fact or two in their back pocket, ready to be busted out when the moment strikes. They can make for great conversation starters at a party, or even be handy in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Important WWII Spy Is Finally Getting The Recognition She Deserves

It’s impossible for history classes to cover every single important figure. There just isn’t enough time in the world to dig into the stories of every person who has made a difference.

Man Discovers Item In His Deceased Aunt's Attic That Could Be Worth Millions

When a loved one passes away, it’s not unusual for them to have designated an executor. It’s not usually an exciting position, as it largely involves making sure the departed’s will and estate has been taken care of, but it is very important nonetheless.