20 Actresses That Totally Transformed The Way They Look For A Big Part

When thinking of Hollywood actors, most people envision attractive people in expensive, stylish clothes, walking the red carpet while having their pictures taken for the tabloids. While we all love to stare at pretty faces and fancy wardrobe choices, it’s often the peculiarities, the unusual looks, and the unexpected personalities that make a character truly stand out.

Wild New Treatment Is Giving Some Paralyzed People Hope That They Haven't Had In Years

Of all the things we take for granted every day, our health may be the biggest. While there are people struggling with severe psychological disorders, battling cancer, or losing limb function, most of us can go about our day without worrying what obstacles we’ll have to overcome next.

20 Awe-Inspiring Buildings That Look Like They Were Dreamed Up In A Different Universe

If you were asked to draw a house, chances are you’d draw something pretty simple. Four walls, a door, some windows, and a pointed roof — what else does a person really need? But our homes and offices are so much more than just the places where we eat, sleep, work, and play. They’re expressions of who we really are (or at least, they should be)!

When Two Women Loved The Same Man Their Love Triangle Spun Completely Out Of Control

Love is a beautiful word and a wonderful sentiment, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or straightforward. Just look at the couple whose parents never let them get married because of their differing religious beliefs, or the man who pined over his married female friend. Relationships are complicated, and we have love to blame for it.

20 Christmas Decorations That Take Laziness To An Entirely New Level

One of the best parts of the holidays starts weeks before the actual celebrations — decorating. Some decorate a tree, some light the menorah, and others may simply put up festive lights to bring some cheer into the dark days. No matter what your style is, with a little effort, you can turn your home into a place of festivity.

Man Walks Out On His Old Life To Travel The Country With An Unlikely Companion At His Side

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel, to break out of one’s mold, to explore not only new places but new ways to be. We all get it from time to time, whether it’s after we see a captivating photograph of nature or hear stories about our friends’ recent vacations.

Divers Off Resort Town Coast Uncover The Most Important Archaeological Artifact Of The Century

The city of Cascais is a vacationer’s dream. Located on Portugal’s coast and just west of Lisbon, the city boasts casinos, sandy beaches, scenic seaside cliffs, and natural parks filled with brilliant sand dunes. But Cascais is more than just a luxurious travel destination.

Grieving Man Honors His Late Wife With A Powerful Mission That Takes Years To Pull Off

Love doesn’t listen to our plans. When we fall in love, all common sense flies out the window, and the only thing you want is to be with your partner forever. Unfortunately, life sometimes has different plans.

20 Wildly Dangerous Toys For Children That Still Managed To Make It Onto The Shelves

Before TV reigned supreme, adventurous children eager to play pushed the boundaries every day. They would climb trees, mess around with fireworks, and stay out late after dark without telling their parents anything. Playtime was a sort of lawless activity.

Man Saves Millions Of Lives Using An Extraordinary 'Power' Few Other People Have

When Superman first debuted in 1938, people were awed and dazzled — and how could you not be? He always saved the day with superhuman strength and invulnerability, his red cape fluttering in the breeze as he set the bar for flashy heroism.

20 Stories From American History That Many People Are Staggered To Learn Aren't Real At All

As kids, we dressed up as cowboys, watched Pocahontas, pretended we were pirates, and learned about Christopher Columbus. These were fun ways to engage with America and her history, right? Except, much like the tooth fairy, not everything we learned about the U.S. of A’s past is true.

Man Lost In The Amazon Is Forced To Take Extreme Measures To Make It Out Alive

Traveling is a mind-opening experience, and it can be even more rewarding when we surround ourselves in nature. Experiencing the chirping of birds, scents of trees, and views of places untouched by mankind is a great way to re-energize ourselves and find some peace of mind.

20 Heartwarming Photos Of People That Went Out Of Their Way To Make Another Person's Day Brighter

Every day we’re presented with tough choices: Do we give the homeless man a buck? Do we help the woman carrying a stroller up the stairs? Do we make sure that stray animal will survive through the night? Sometimes we walk by, but when we have the opportunity, why not show the world a little love?

Father And Daughter Struggling In Poverty See Others In Danger And Hatch A Scheme To Save Them

A family who is barely scraping by will often open their hearts for friends — or even strangers. It’s a common tale that the disadvantaged are likely to offer a helping hand to anyone in need. After all, it isn’t always about what you have to offer: it’s about empathy and understanding.

20 Genius Ways To Repurpose A Tampon That Could Come In Super Handy In A Pinch

Ladies, you dread it every month: your visit from Mother Nature, the hello from your Aunt Flo, your shark week, your blood moon, your crimson tide, your Carrie, your red wedding, or a code red! Worry not because you can make this time of the month a useful time of the month.