15 Unsettling Photographs That Will Keep You Awake For Days

The best and worst thing about a photograph is how it can so perfectly freeze a moment in time. If the occasion is joyous and happy, the picture becomes a wonderful keepsake; if it's not, the photo becomes something much more unsettling...

Each of these photographs captures an instant in time that's truly, deeply weird and more than a little creepy. After you've seen them all, you may have some trouble falling asleep tonight!

1. This photo of a mountain of buffalo skulls not only demonstrates how the animal was almost hunted to extinction, but it's also just plain creepy.
2. During the Chernobyl disaster, hundreds of people flocked to this "death bridge" in Pripyat to watch it unfold, unaware that huge levels of radiation there would lead to their own untimely demise.
3. This 1925 photo shows a girl visiting the grave of her twin who had died in a fire a year earlier. It certainly seems like her sister was with her in spirit...
4. Um...thanks, but no. Staying upstairs seems perfectly fine.