The day finally arrived. You got rid of that crummy old brick of an iPhone 4S, and received your fancy new iPhone 6. Only you have no clue how to use the improved space and functionality. Has mankind has gone too far?

No, actually this thing is pretty sweet. You just could use a few tips on how to operate the wonderful device. Well, fear not. Here are 16 of the best ones to get you started!

1. Your iPad charger will charge it faster than the charger that comes with it. 


Word on the street is that the iPad charger could get you from 0-100% in 2 hours.

2. Running on empty? Turn that thang to grayscale mode.


3. See what apps are draining your battery so you can kill them.


4. iMessage now allows for audio texts to be sent. And just like Apple’s very own Inspector Gadget, they disappear after 2 minutes unless you decide to keep them.


5. Tap the home button to bring the top to the bottom.


Unless you have giant Sasquatch hands like myself, you might have trouble reaching those buttons near the top of your phone. Tap (don’t press!) the home button twice and your life will be easier.

6. Make an app-like icon for your favorite websites.


(Side note but this kid needs to check his damn emails! Good lord, man! It’s anarchy on that iPhone.)

7. Instead of tapping or sliding an iMessage on the lock screen, just drag down and reply from there.


8. Drive a lot? Try using hands-free Siri.


9. Get a little overzealous while closing open Safari tabs? Here’s how to get them back.


10. Get that emergency medical information locked and loaded just in case.


You have to set this up in the Health app first but it’s totally worth it for things like blood type and allergies.

11. Use iMessage to let your friends know how to find you.


“No, by the other Starbucks! Not that one! The other one! Here I’ll just send you the coordinates.”

12. Hide any photo from appearing in your stream.


Got some racy photos you want hidden from your nosy friend who was only supposed to look at that ONE picture and not start flicking through there willy-nilly? Problem solved.

13. Sync the Health app and easily keep track of everything from steps to flights of stairs traversed in a given day.


14. Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine of choice. It’s crowdfunded and doesn’t track your information.


Take that NSA! Oh no! They’re on to me!

15. Hey, confessions of a shopaholic! Just scan the damn card now.


16. Hold the photo button and take a burst of shots.


This is perfect for fidgety kids or pets. Just pick the best shot and save it.

Source: Buzzfeed

Now hopefully you know a little more about how to use that fancy thing. Not that it’ll help when our iPhone overlords take over. “Hey, Siri. Show mercy!”….”I can’t do that, Dylan.”

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