20 Compulsory School Uniforms From Different Countries Across The Globe

While many countries, including the United States, don’t typically have any concept of school uniforms, there are plenty all over the world that do. But quite what those uniforms comprise varies greatly between countries, and even between schools. So, if you’ve ever wondered what kids wear to school in places like India, Nigeria and North Korea, then read on...

20. Cuba

Cuban children’s school uniforms are distinctively maroon-and-white, apart from their neckerchiefs. Depending on how involved in the Communist Party youth group they are, their neckwear will either be blue or red. Indeed, kids have to “earn” their red scarves, which are provided by the state, along with the rest of their uniforms.

19. China

Where some countries have a single school uniform for all seasons and all occasions, Chinese pupils go the extra mile. Indeed, they usually have a whopping five different uniforms, meant for summer, winter, formal and everyday wear. The casual uniforms are virtually identical for both boys and girls. Times are changing, however, and in some Chinese schools, students now actually have some input into what their uniforms look like.

18. Ghana

School uniform is compulsory in Ghana, yet many families are unable to afford the required clothing. To help solve this conundrum, in 2010 the Ghanaian government launched a free school uniform policy for elementary-level pupils in a bid to ensure every child received primary education. Every public school has the same uniform, with only the chest emblem distinguishing separate institutions.

17. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s uniforms seem to differ significantly from those of other countries, not least because of the headwear pictured above. Nevertheless, the plain blue dresses and neckerchiefs fall in line with the smart appearance of many school uniforms all over the world. Unfortunately, many kids in Sierra Leone don’t attend school simply because they can’t afford the necessary kit.