If it wasn’t for the invention of the camera, many great moments in our history would be lost forever. Thankfully, we have a tremendous visual record of times past, and they help piece together history as we know it. Some photographs, however, are so rare that they show history as you’ve never seen it before.

And if these never-before-seen pictures from the past prove anything, it’s that we still have a lot to learn.

1. An aerial view of the flowers left outside Buckingham palace after the death of Princess Diana, 1997.18-historical-photos

2. American soldiers return home after World War II, 1945.2-historical-photos

3. A model poses in Paris, 1920.

4. Another model poses in the back of a classic car, 1971.4-historical-photos

5. Seeing how many people you could pack into a phone booth was what teens did before the Internet, 1959.

6. The camera man capturing this footage doesn’t even look phased. He’s probably too scared.6-historical-photos

7. Iowa’s living Statue of Liberty is impressive and patriotic, 1918.

8. A California teacher teaches the physics of surfing, 1970.8-historical-photos

9. Figure skaters celebrate during an awards ceremony, 1976.9-historical-photos

10. Russia sailors surround a sleeping kitten, 1941.

11. Old time bathing beauties smile for the camera, 1928.11-historical-photos

12. German kids building their own Berlin wall, 1961.12-historical-photos

13. This library would make Belle weak at the knees! (1874)13-historical-photos

14. A 1946 “Baby Race.” 


15. Burmese women arriving in America, 1935. 


16. An African boy plays with an abandoned tank, 1991.


17. A little girl plays with her pet alligator.

18. Kids play makeshift basketball in Soviet-era Russia, 1957.1-historical-photos

19. Young Nikola Tesla teaching a girl how to swim, 1900.19-historical-photos

20. A baby sobs alone in the street after a Japanese airstrike on China, 1937.20-historical-photos

21. A soldier takes a moment to feed a starving cat in the snow, 1917.


22. A dog protects his infant owner, 1920.22https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/bf/1b/a5/bf1ba59a2ab097c266f1dd0f3803861d.jpg

23. Divers leap into the Thames, 1934.


24. Bruce Lee receives martial arts instruction, 1955.


25. An early phone tower in Stockholm, 1890.25-Historical-Photos

26. An eerie photo of the Golden Gate Bridge mid-construction, 1935.26-Historical-Photos

27. A candid image of Dutch babies, 1910.

28. A statue in the Soviet Union, 1925.28-Historical-Photos

29. An aerial photo of the Woodstock festival in 1969.29-Historical-Photos

30. Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot defining cool, 1968.30-Historical-Photos

31. The atomic bomb leveling Nagasaki, 1945.


32. French boys holding their mother’s pocketbooks, 1962.32-Historical-Photos

33. A weary, snow-covered tyke trudges into his house, 1960.33-Historical-Photos

34. The famous canals in Venice being drained and cleaned, 1956. 34-Historical-Photos

35. A little girl buys a balloon in Berlin, 1935.

36. An early tool designed to treat heart disease, 1852. 36-Historical-Photos

37. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon on the set of Some Like It Hot, 1958. 

38. A Russian soldier kisses his daughter goodbye before leaving for war, 1938.38-Historical-Photos

39. Audrey Hepburn and Psycho-actor Anthony Perkins chat mid-air, 1962. 39-Historical-Photos

40. Women in Washington, D.C. bathe their pet ducklings, 1927.

41. Soldiers in Poland rest with their best friend, 1945.42-Historical-Photos

42. Bob Dylan is ignored by John Lennon, 1965.

43. John Lennon records at Abbey Road, 1965.44-Historical-Photos

44. Hitler listens to the crowd at the announcement of the start of World War I, 1914.45-Historical-Photos

45. A magazine speculates what Michael Jackson will look like in the year 2000 (1985)46-Historical-Photos

46. A man rides his bicycle out of the Eiffel Tour, 1923. 47-Historical-Photos

47. A Soviet-era snowmobile flies by, 1983.48-Historical-Photos

48. A group of men portraying Santa Claus learn how to apply their makeup, 1961. 

49. Magician Harry Houdini poses in chains, 1899.

50. Extras wave to cameras in an early film adaptation of Peter Pan, 1924.50-Historical-Photos

51. A Native American woman poses for cameras, 1926.51-Historical-Photos

52. The world’s smallest storefront. London, 1900.52-Historical-Photos

53. Two babies gone bad. 

54. Roman Polanski and Johnny Depp goofing off on the set of The Ninth Gate, 1998.

55. Recovering the victims of the Titanic, 1912.55-Historical-Photos

56. A child’s gas mask.

57. Albert Einstein poses with a Native American tribe, 1922.

58. The secret bunker where Hitler killed himself.59-Historical-Photos

59. A warship washes ashore during WWII.60-Historical-Photos

60. Seconds before Gandhi was assassinated, 1948.61-Historical-Photos

61. Ernest Hemingway in the the bathtub, 1922.

62. Stalin and Lenin standing together, 1922.63-Historical-Photos

63. Bill Clinton at age 4, 1950.64-Historical-Photos

64. A young Vladimir Putin, 1970.

65. Lumberjacks pose with felled California Redwood trees.66-Historical-Photos

These glimpses into the past are totally mesmerizing. They really make you feel like a part of history.

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