Few among us would go as far as 17-year-old Ty Parker, who lives in Los Angeles with his puppy Forrest Gump. When he accidentally locked himself out of his home for nearly nine hours, he understandably started to freak out.

Forrest Gump desperately needed a walk, and Ty knew he needed it now…so he did something drastic.

After Ty Parker had left his puppy, Forrest Gump, alone for nearly nine hours, he realized he’d left his keys at a restaurant and was locked out of his house. He knew he couldn’t wait for help because his pup needed to go for a walk, pronto.

01-breaks-into-home-dog-walkTwitter / Ty Parker

So, he decided he was going to find a way to get inside, no matter what.

02-breaks-into-home-dog-walkTwitter / Ty Parker

With no other options, Ty took pulled the lock, kicked in the door…

03-breaks-into-home-dog-walkTwitter / Ty Parker

…and broke into his own home!

04-breaks-into-home-dog-walkTwitter / Ty Parker

All to take this little guy for a walk! Now, that’s one dedicated dog owner!

05-breaks-into-home-dog-walkTwitter / Ty Parker

Ty said that his actions were likely to cost him about $200 for a new lock and between $600 and $900 for the door itself. Still, he maintains that it was all worth it.

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