There’s a small but passionate subculture of explorers dedicated to finding and documenting abandoned houses in all their creepy glory. Usually, the homes have traces of their former owners, but it’s really the emptiness that’s so unsettling.

Sometimes, though, these explorers come across homes that are so well-preserved it’s as if their former owners just vanished. This abandoned house in rural Canada is like an undisturbed time capsule from a different era…a very creepy time capsule!

Rumors had been circulating among a subset of explorer-photographers about an abandoned house in Canada that was different from most. The pictures that surfaced revealed a home almost fully intact, as if its owners had simply vanished. One brave photographer managed to locate the house…

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Just as earlier pictures had suggested, he found the house in (relatively) pristine condition. There were clearly raccoons living there, but the rooms were furnished, the cabinets were stocked, and the bookshelves were packed.

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The main room was arranged for a big group of people to sit comfortably, and the photographer even found a guitar and a component stereo system that was still hooked up.

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On the other side of the room, he found a wonderful old piano, with a hymnal lying on top as if someone had just been playing.

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In the dining room, the table was clear and covered with a nice tablecloth. It looked ready for places to be set and a meal to be served.

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The kitchen was in similar condition: the sink and stovetop were both empty and ready to use.

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The clock above the stove read 2:15, as if time had simply stopped for the house one ordinary afternoon…

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In the cabinets, the photographer found the dishes stacked neatly, except where raccoons or other animals had knocked a few things over.

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Not even the little workstation showed any sign that the house’s previous owners had known they would never return…

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The bathroom might have been the creepiest room in the house. It had clearly doubled as someone’s living space, and oddly, when he instinctively flipped the light switch, the lights actually came on…there was still electricity in the house!

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The surface of the vanity was one of the most disheveled areas that he found.

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However, inside the drawers, the beauty products remained organized and untouched as they had been for years.

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Behind the bathroom mirror there were still prescription medicines, first aid products, and various other toiletries.

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The photographer was a little creeped out by the family photos that still adorned the house…

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He was able to get a sense of each of the bedrooms’ original occupants from their furniture, books, and other decorations.

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The bedrooms were relatively tidy, though clearly some animals had made the space their own.

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The study upstairs was jam packed with books and had some odd decorations including a creepy hanging doll.

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There was also a vintage adding machine, perhaps providing a clue about what one occupant of the house had done for a living.

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The photographer quickly noticed that many of bookshelves were packed with works of a spiritual nature, with a sizable amount of self-help material mixed in as well.

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It seemed as if the everyone in the family had been avid readers, judging by the amount of books in each room.

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He also found evidence that the previous occupants were big music lovers. In addition to the guitar, piano, and stereo, he discovered an early 20th-century hand-cranked record player.

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There was a large record collection and even spare parts for the old gramophone, but he didn’t try to play a record for fear of breaking something.

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After spending several hours in the house, he decided it was finally time to go, and he gave it a once-over to make sure he left everything as he had found it.

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Reassured that he hadn’t disturbed anything, he exited the time-capsule of a house, leaving it for others to explore on their own.

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How bizarre that someone would abandon their house and leave all their possessions behind! There’s no telling what actually happened to the previous occupants, but the state of the house is certainly suspicious…

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