The Parents Of These Celebrities Are Even More Accomplished Than Their Kids

Okay, the following celebrities are a talented bunch. From Glenn Close to Jack Black, they’re truly at the top of their game. But as it turns out, their parents are equally revered — and not just in Hollywood. Did you have any idea that the following moms and dads are just as impressive as their celebrity children? We’re talking an Apollo aerospace engineer, an Olympic gold medal winner, and talented musicians.

1. Jack Black’s mom

With nearly 180 acting credits in the bank, Jack Black has enjoyed a fantastic Hollywood career. But it couldn’t have been further away from his mom’s old profession. Judith Love Cohen plied her trade as an aerospace engineer. And incredibly, she untangled the issue that ultimately saved the Apollo 13 crew just hours before Black was born.

2. Katharine Hepburn’s mom

Katharine Hepburn was a true Hollywood giant. And her mom was an iconic figure as well — but for very different reasons. Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn became a suffragette in Connecticut during the early 1900s, before creating the Birth Control League of America alongside Margaret Sanger. It has the name Planned Parenthood today. 

3. Zoë Kravitz’s parents

While Zoë Kravitz is certainly carving a solid career for herself in Hollywood, you can’t help but be awed by her folks. Her mom is Lisa Bonet — an actress who’s appeared in films such as Angel Heart, High Fidelity, and Enemy of the State. As for her dad, Lenny Kravitz is a famous musician, boasting four Grammy Awards. Oh, and Jason Momoa was Zoë’s stepfather until his split from Bonet in 2022.

4. Hugh Laurie’s dad

When Hugh Laurie took on the title role in House M.D., his dad might have been at the forefront of his mind, since he was a doctor in real life. Yet Ran Laurie’s most notable achievements came outside the world of medicine. He was also a highly accomplished rower, picking up various trophies in 1930. Then, he won a gold medal at the 1948 Olympics in London, England.