An innovative artist should be able to find any old item, take it apart, and transform it into something aesthetically pleasing or thought-provoking—or both.

Artist Susan Beatrice is one such creator. On her All Natural Arts site, for instance, Susan finds ways to ordinary objects—well, one in particular—to form her beautiful pieces that range from pendants to miniature sculptures.

When you see what she uses for her upcycled masterpieces, you won’t believe your eyes!

Susan Beatrice is an accomplished artist who creates tiny, intricate sculptures using a common household item. That object in question? Old, discarded watches!

1-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

This tiny cello might be too small to play, but it looks as detailed as the real thing! Can you imagine the amount of time it took for Susan to craft this teeny instrument?

2-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

This metal mouse looks almost life-size. Though we’ll admit we wouldn’t mind seeing this cute guy scramble across the kitchen floor in search of cheese!

3-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

This dragon seems like it could fly away at any moment! His wings are so delicate. And check out that curved tail!

4-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Susan holds these tiny sculptures in her hands to help demonstrate how little they are. This seahorse isn’t even as big as a thumb!

5-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

She must have a keen eye to make something this small so detailed! Susan even included whiskers on this mini mouse. We wonder what type of “food” he’s looking to sneak off with…

6-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Susan doesn’t just make models of animals, either. She’s known to create scenes within the actual bodies of the watches as well. Here, a man and his son are out fishing.

7-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Susan crafts portraits out of the watch parts, too. “Once upon a midnight dreary,” we spotted Edgar Allan Poe looking weary (from his timekeeper tomb, that is)!

8-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

This skeleton biker looks pretty rad. Check out the motorcycle’s wheels! Susan even cleverly used part of the watch’s bracelet.

9-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Here is William Shakespeare in his element: at his desk, with a fancy quill pen, a cup of tea, and his diary. We wonder which masterpiece he was crafting here?

10-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Don’t you just love the sense of scale in this one? A playful cat—with beautiful jeweled eyes—is about to pounce on a teeny, tiny mouse. Watch out, little guy! (Pun intended.)

11-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

This crab is both detailed and abstract, like geometric shapes come to life. Even better? Susan shot this photograph at what seems like a beach—the perfect place for this guy!

12-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Doesn’t this look just like Slinky the dog from the Toy Story movies? It was pretty clever of Susan to use the spring from the watch for his body. She thinks of every little detail!

13-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Susan calls this piece “Immortal Love,” and it’s not hard to see why. The amount of detail on the skeletons’ faces is impressive, to say the least. We bet these two will stay together for a long time.

14-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

This model unicorn is so majestic! What an ingenious idea to use the gears for the stand, and a screw for its horn. Check out its mane made of chains! Truly magical.

15-all-natural-artsSusan Beatrice

Can you believe how intricate these miniature sculptures are? Just thinking about the care and attention that went into them will makes your head spin! You can find more of Susan’s works here.

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