Young Woman Has A Severe, Life-Threatening Allergy… To Her Own Husband

When Scott and Johanna Watkins began dating, everything seemed normal at first, although Scott did notice that occasionally when he would get close to her, she would give a slight cough. However, he thought little of it, and eventually the two married.

Soon after their wedding, though, Johanna began to have more frequent and more severe allergic reactions...and the troubling part was that it seemed to be Scott who was causing them.

Scott and Johanna Watkins are two teachers from Minneapolis, Minnesota whose relationship began ordinarily enough, but has recently become far more fraught due to Johanna's health problems.
Even before they met, she had a number of health issues, including frequent migraines, rashes, and IBS. However, after they were married, she began to notice that she would have allergic flare-ups every time Scott was in the room...
Johanna was eventually diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), an autoimmune disease in which the body overreacts to extremely common triggers. Unfortunately for her and Scott's relationship, Johanna's allergic reactions to him grew more severe over time...
Johanna tried of range of treatments for her MCAS, but none of the usual drugs have proven effective in her case. She even underwent four rounds of chemotherapy to curb the spread of over-reactive mast cells, but that didn't work either.