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Genius Uses For Aloe Vera That We Wish People Had Told Us About Years Ago

When it comes to aloe vera, few understand just how beneficial this little succulent can be to their overall health. Most simply look at this pointy green plant as a quick remedy for sunburn, but there are so many additional uses for it you could practically fill a book with them. From an acne cure to even diabetes relief, these genius uses for aloe vera will have you racing to pick up a plant for yourself

1. Clear Skin

There are many products that promise to relieve skin conditions, but most of them are either watered down or filled with harmful chemicals. Next time you visit your esthetician or dermatologist, bring up aloe vera juice. Many bothersome skin conditions can be treated with this juice. For instance?


Researchers have found that the antioxidants and vitamins in aloe vera work wonders in treating conditions like acne, cold sores, burning mouth syndrome, and even psoriasis. After the serious conditions are taken care of, you can use that same juice for help in other beauty departments.

2. Beauty Hacks

Most makeup wearers find that while products on shelves today are effective at creating that perfect look, they're often pore-clogging and terrible for your skin. Instead of reaching for harmful chemicals, aloe vera gel is a must for any beauty routine.

Natural Makeup Tool

You can safely replace both store-bought makeup primer and makeup remover with aloe vera gel. With just a small amount, you can start and end the day with your skin feeling light and refreshed, even with a full face of makeup.