There are lots of household items that serve plenty of other secondary uses. You’re probably not even aware of it, but with a little research, you’ll quickly learn how to take an ordinary product and do some extraordinarily helpful things with it.

Almost everybody has aluminum foil in their kitchen. We use it for cooking, grilling, covering up leftovers, and maybe a craft project here and there, but did you know aluminum foil has more beneficial uses than just the ones it’s made for?

From health remedies to beauty tools, foil can be used in all sorts of unexpected ways! Here are just a couple of tried and true tricks that will help you get the most out of your aluminum foil…

1. If you’re feeling fatigued, try some foil! Consumer Health Digest recommends putting pieces of aluminum foil in the freezer for a few hours, then applying the strips to your face, particularly around your eyes and cheeks. Just leave the cool strips there until you feel your face muscles start to relax!

foil-6Flickr / marquette

2. If you’ve got aching joints due to fatigue or even a condition like arthritis or gout, wrapping the affected area in aluminum foil may help! Simply cover the affected joint in foil overnight or during a day when you’re sedentary, using a medical bandage to hold it in place. Repeat this 10-12 days in a row and then stop. If the pain returns, wait two weeks and try the treatment again.

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3. The University of Wisconsin recommends to medical professionals that they dress fresh burns with aluminum foil, and you can use a similar treatment at home, too. Just clean the burned area with cool water and dry it using a soft cloth. Then apply a layer of burn cream, cover the area with sterile gauze, and wrap the gauze with foil, using medical bandages to secure it.

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4. Sometimes people who’ve lost a limb due to amputation or otherwise, experience a “phantom limb” where they feel something, sometimes pain, that seems to come from the missing limb. One way to address phantom pain is to wrap the area of the body closest to the former limb in aluminum foil, which can curb the unwanted sensation.  

foil-2Flickr / burn_scarred

5. If you’re trying to manage the common cold, foil can be a huge help. Simply wrap your feet in several layers of foil and leave it on them for about an hour. Then air out your feet for about two hours and reapply the foil. Finally, repeat the process once more. Applying foil three times a day for about a week can help you beat your cold symptoms.

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6. Tin foil can also be useful for your hair, and not just when you’re at the stylist getting yours dyed. Watch this informative video to learn how to use foil to get curly hair!

Who knew aluminum foil had such a wide variety of uses? You’ll never look at wrapped-up leftovers or a foil-covered cookie sheet the same way again!

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