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45+ Pics To Take Anyone On A Roller-Coaster Ride

We've all been there - that moment we're on the edge of our seats, holding our breath, biting our fingernails, and sweating in an air-conditioned room - waiting... just waiting for that tense moment to pass away. We're anticipating the end - will it be a happy ending or something else?

Get ready to feel that way again with this collection of pictures! These aren't scenes from a movie. These are the real deal, and the fact that someone could take these pictures is what we're still trying to wrap our heads around. Some of these acts make us question certain people's sanity, and for others, we are only able to applaud their bravery. These images have some of the most tension-filled moments we'll ever come across, so let's go for a nerve-racking ride!

Just A Nosedive Away

This picture reminds us of how it feels to be standing at the edge of a cliff, just one step away from falling over. Just seeing this glass of water at the edge of the table, a twitch away from crashing and shattering whatever magical moment the couple at the table might be having, is enough to have our nerves all over the place.

Kudos to the photographer, though. He probably wasn't feeling the tension of this situation when he calmly took the picture. The photo expert even got the angles right. We only hope that after he got his shot, he was able to alert the people at the table.

Window Duty

Living in a high-rise building is great and awesome until we have to face the herculean task of cleaning the windows. This probably wasn't the 'on top of the world' moment this man was aiming for in life. Still, someone has got to clean the windows, right?

As the man of the house, the onus was on him to handle that housekeeping part. We're sure he felt as nervous as we do, and even a fearless approach wouldn't keep him from hoping he doesn't take a wrong step. That is one cleaning accident we'd want to avoid altogether.

Too Close To The Edge

This guy honestly deserves some accolades; it's not every day we come across someone who's this comfortable lying down at the edge of a mountain. We almost want to think this picture isn't real because we're that shocked. He just seems too calm for a man who's sitting too close to possible doom.

The whole scenario is nerve-racking and awe-inspiring at the same time. This spot is undoubtedly an exceptional one to enjoy solitude, but it takes nerves of steel to brave the odds and climb this high. We hope whatever urged this guy to go this far to gaze at the sky was worth it.

Not Our Typical Cruise

Who doesn't love a cruise? What's more, they usually come with some tempting offers that are difficult to resist. However, sometimes the ride isn't as fun as we thought it would be, especially when the sea decides it's time to play some not-so-funny tricks and get us all worked up.

This picture right here feels like a replay of Noah and the ark. Just take a look at this typical end-of-the-world scene, with a wall of water coming towards us like it's about to sweep everything in its path into oblivion. That tempting cruise offer doesn't look so attractive anymore, does it?