Couple Finds Mysterious Object On Beach That’s About To Make Them A Fortune

Finding treasure isn't always like how it's portrayed in the movies. It doesn't always come in the form of a big wooden chest stuffed with gold coins — and there's hardly ever an "X" marking the spot!

That's probably why when one British couple stumbled upon a gray lump on the beach, they almost ignored it. How could it be anything of value? But something told them to take a closer look. Once they figured out what they discovered, they were dumbfounded...

Gary and Angela Williams could usually be found strolling the Middleton Sands beach near England's Morecambe Bay during the weekend. They liked to go there to get fresh air and search for unusual objects on the shore.

The couple had obviously seen their fair share of beach rarities by this point. However, they were puzzled when they spotted something rather odd in the surf.

It looked almost like a dinosaur egg. Gary and Angela weren't totally sure, but something told them it was no ordinary rock. Upon closer inspection, it had some very unusual qualities about it.


The object had a waxy, almost sticky, texture. It also seemed to have multiple rocky materials — even some shells — making up its body. But that wasn't the strangest part...