Construction workers in the Chinese city of Taizhou were working to widen a road when they struck an odd object in the ground. Strangely, the object didn’t appear on any schematics. Whatever it was, it was older than the city itself.

Soon, they began digging around it, trying to determine what it could be. But when they realized what it actually was, they knew they had to get help immediately.

While working on a road in the Chinese city of Taizhou, contractors discovered a strange object buried six feet below the surface.

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It wasn’t until after they studied it for hours when they realized what it was. It wasn’t just a random block. It was a tomb.

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An archaeological team was immediately called in to investigate. 

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They managed to get the tomb open without disturbing the contents. At first, it just appeared to be filled with linens, silks, and a strange liquid. But as they dug around, they uncovered something else.

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There was a body inside.

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It wasn’t just any body, either. It was a mummy.

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The archaeologists determined that the mummy, once a woman, was over 700 years old.

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Based on the preparation of the body, as well as the jewelry, they determined that the woman was once a prominent member of the Ming Dynasty.

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It was in remarkably good condition, to the point where they were able to remove the body from the tomb fairly easily.

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Most of the fabrics were still intact, as well.

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You could even make out her features.

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Look at how well-preserved these shoes are.

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It’s easy to forget that China is a much older country than the United States, with a history that goes back thousands of years. Things like this actually aren’t all that uncommon there. Just imagine finding a 2,000-year-old tomb in the parking lot near your local Walmart!

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