When it comes to taking care of our children, it’s never a good idea to try to cut corners. Since parenting is very much a full-time job, though, it’s easy to make an innocent mistake now and then.

Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can have dangerous consequences. That’s what one mother realized after a terrible car accident at 60 miles per hour.

Angela Brown of New South Wales, Australia is quite an experienced mother, with two teenagers and two toddlers. She does everything that she can for her children, but sadly, she couldn’t prevent a terrible car accident.

1-angela-brownFacebook / Angela Brown

It was just one simple, careless decision that nearly killed one of her children. Angela, her husband, and their two toddlers were on their way home from a dentist appointment when Angela’s car spun out of control and crashed into a tree at 60 miles per hour. Her children were screaming in terror, so she immediately got out of the car to check on them.

2-angela-brownFacebook / Angela Brown

Angela’s 1-year-old seemed fine, but Summer-Rose, her 2-year-old daughter, suffered a powerful strike to the head. It looked bad, but she would soon realize that it was even worse than she thought. How was it possible that one child could be so hurt while the other suffered no injuries at all?

3-angela-brownFacebook / Angela Brown

Apparently, it all had to do with the positioning of the car seats: Summer-Rose’s seat faced forward, while her sister was facing backwards. When the car crashed, Angela’s youngest remained secure, while Summer-Rose was thrown forward. When they arrived at the hospital, doctors revealed why this happened.

4-angela-brownFacebook / Angela Brown

Summer-Rose suffered a broken spine at the c1 and c2 vertebrae. She could be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of her life. Hoping for a better outcome, doctors fitted her with a halo neck brace to keep her spine and head in place while minimizing discomfort and pain. She was one of the youngest people in history to use such a device.

5-angela-brownFacebook / Angela Brown

It’s frightening that one small change in the positioning of a car seat could have such an impact on the child’s safety.

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Amazingly, Summer-Rose made a full recovery, while Angela has learned a vital lesson about the importance of proper car seat usage.

7-angela-brownFacebook / Angela Brown

As terrifying as it must have been to see her child suffer, it’s a relief that her child is perfectly happy and healthy once again. Hopefully, others will see this story as a warning!

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