Why You Should Never Throw Out The Pit From Your Avocados

There are parts of certain foods that you just know you're not supposed to eat. For instance, no one is crazy enough to eat an apple core or banana peel—they're simply too tough (and bitter) for our palates.

But being told not to eat certain parts of an avocado is just plain bad advice. And while you always assumed that you were just supposed to eat the "meat" of the berry (yes, it's a berry!), little did you know you were making a huge mistake in forgetting the pit...

Did you know that avocado pits are full of nutrients, including fiber?
They also have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them effective against arthritis.
They help to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. That's why they're often used in medicine for stomach problems.
Eating avocado pits can help raise your collagen levels, which is great news for keeping your skin firm (and fighting cellulite).