Every person on Earth, at some point, thought to themselves that their family was weird. It’s true, parents can make bad jokes, siblings can have absolute outbursts in public, and sometimes people just aren’t on the same page with their relatives. It’s normal.

However, sometimes the true weirdness of family living doesn’t come out until everyone comes together to pose for a picture. And when it gets weird, it can get really, really weird. Here are twenty of the most bizarre family pictures ever taken.

1. Clowns are supposed to be fun, but really, are they ever? This little boy seems relatively unfazed given the horrifying expression on the painted jokester sitting behind him.

2. These siblings appear to be kidding around and having a jolly old time while doing it, but can we say the same for the dogs? It truly looks like they’re out for meat in this one.

3. It’s unclear what awful sight this little girl was exposed to right before snapping this confusing image, but it must have been something pretty terrible to get her to make that face.

4. Ski trips can be a fun time for the whole family…or sometimes just most of the family. One of the brothers appears to be having a meltdown of sorts in the background of the picture.

5. This is gross, period, but what makes it worse is that the shirtless boys flanking this girl are none other than her two brothers. Was it really necessary?

6. Hugs are one thing, but this family chose to pose in one of the strangest — and most uncomfortable looking positions — that they possibly could. Not to mention that the guy second from the left is dressed exactly like Steve from Blue’s Clues

7. This cigarette smoking gag photo definitely wouldn’t fly in today’s climate, but honestly did it ever? At least they’re not lit.

8. Who doesn’t love cats? Clearly this dude cares enough about his feline friend to include him in the family Christmas card. The little guy even gets his very own majestic overlay and a stylish Santa hat.

9. Taking pictures with kids is tricky, and sometimes things just don’t turn out as you’d planned. Take for example this family, whose two youngest ones seem to be flipping out. Their sister is handling it like a champ.

10. Another one where the children just couldn’t be controlled, but in this instance it appears that the fighting has gotten even more physical, and the smiling parents just can’t be bothered. Intentional or not? Either way it’s funny.

11. This is another clown one, but at least they don’t come complete with the creepy hats. It does beg the question, though, why is the one girl not playing along? Maybe she’s just not big on makeup.

12. You have to feel a little pity for the boy standing all alone on the right, but let’s be real, he probably chose this for himself. Just look at those hunched shoulders and rageful pout.

13. Got milk? This family certainly does, but maybe their access should be restricted because their mustaches are too much for even the biggest lactose lovers among us.

14. How did this happen? Does the family know the Spandex-wearing guy on their left? Does he know the picture was even being taken? There are so many questions here, and unfortunately very few answers.

15. Each expression in this photograph is priceless in its own way. There’s the cat, just looking absolutely furious, the man staring at him in a state of friendly confusion, and then the woman just trying to hold the whole thing together.

16. This one is actually pretty cute, although the effort it must have taken to execute is overwhelming to even think about. There’s the face paint, the wigs, the outfits, and then even the posing itself looks like it took some major coordination.

17. These two siblings are looking pretty metal with their rocker hairstyles and goth makeup. Their mom doesn’t really look like she knows what’s going on. Was it a phase? We’ll never know.

18. This isn’t exactly a family holiday photo, as it was taken on a roller coaster and clearly wasn’t professionally posed for, but this little boy’s face is just too good to not include on the list.

19. Often times, mall Santas tend to have the adverse affect of actually creeping little kids out, rather than granting their wishes. In this case, however, it was the children themselves who perturbed Santa by sticking their fingers up his nose.

20. These kids are definitely related, as evidenced by the matching expressions of mischief, disgust, and incredulity on their faces. Even the chubby baby looks like he has something up his sleeve.

Engagement photos are, in their own way, the first photo taken of a family — but that doesn’t spare them from drama. By the look of this couple’s shirts, they wanted ol’ Fido to be the center of attention!

2. When a male rabbit lays eyes on a lady rabbit who gets his whiskers twitchin’, he performs a dance of sorts where he chases her around until she stops and boxes him (really). We like to imagine this newly engaged couple performed that same ritual.

3. This guy’s buddies asked if you love that burrito so much, why don’t you marry it. Maybe it was a beer-driven decision, but he did — and he never looked back. How could he? That flour tortilla! The sour cream! The melt-in-your-mouth carne asada with unknown origins. Mmmm.

4. Beer, bars, raccoon masks. All the makings of a long-lasting love. This couple showed off their quirky attitudes in an odd engagement photo, but good thing they didn’t take the photo one step further and root around in the trash. Speaking of…

5. Nothing says we’ve made the ultimate commitment quite like crouching behind a rusted trash can. Literally, nothing. So this couple could truly say their engagement photos were one of a kind.

6. This couple tried. They tried to wear their Sunday best and head into the woods where they smiled and touched each others’ cheeks and foreheads (etc., etc.). Then the band Coldvoid showed up and gave them a very metal engagement photo.

7.  The friends and families of this funny couple no doubt hung this engagement photo on their fridge for months! It has everything: a dead-eyed stare, a pigtail, a bright sweater, dogs, cats, and ancestral spirits looking over all of it.

8. Simple as this funny engagement photo may be, it perfectly showed off this couple’s fun spirits and love for one another — you don’t capture a hearty laugh (or killer dance moves) like this on camera all too often.

9. Love is like a chest-hair heart: you just want to pop your shirt off and tell everyone you know about it. Maybe in the future, he’ll shave his lungs, kidneys, and liver into his chest hair, too. That would be fun.

10. A couple that loves each other helps each other, but the partner that perhaps too enthusiastically points out the flaws in the other’s golf game ends up getting a ball driven 200 yards off his face.

11. Check it out — another dog stealing the show. Typical canine! This one at least had the decency to make himself useful and hold up the wedding date for all to see. That’s a good boy!

12. Apparently, this guy missed the memo: instead of securing a lovely engagement ring to slide on his soon-to-be bride’s finger, he just licked her knuckles. Really, it’s an easy mistake to make (and makes for a good photo)!

13. In their first photo, the couple sized one another up before an arm-wrestling bout; the second photo revealed the man, like so many before him, was not prepared for the dominating strength of his wrasslin’ partner.

14. You like each other? You like beer? Then why not go to a brewery and take a few pictures of yourselves just drinking straight from the barrel. Nothing says we’re in love like a happy couple in their natural habitat.

15. Why did this couple involve In ‘n’ Out Burger in their engagement photos? Likely because the love this couple felt for each other was similar to that which one feels for a double-double with animal-style fries.

16. Yeah, Holden Caulfield saw the carousel as a symbol of childhood and stagnation (the things always play that same song!), but these fun lovin’ guys knew carousels are a source of youthful excitement — which they both no doubt felt towards their relationship.

17. This couple took one engagement photo and one not-so-engaged photo. Take a guess which one they shared with their friends and family first. Those practical jokers!

18. When the engagement ring comes out and the proposal goes down, you’ve gotta get the whole team together — and that includes the pooch. Too bad the family dog didn’t get a ring of his own!

19. Some girls don’t need fancy engagements — Paris proposals, champagne, and tuxedos, that sort of stuff. Some girls just need a spot beside “The Dumper” and a chalk-sprawled note on a bathroom stall door.

20. Do you get the feeling something’s not quite right about this photo? Hey, wait a second! The guy and the gal totally switched get ups. She (er, he?) seemed way more into it than him (uh, her), but we’re sure that was all an act.

21. By the looks of their engagement photo, she never asked him to get married, but rather, demanded they do so before dragging him across an endless bridge towards a grey void until he had no choice but to comply. Hopefully, this was just their sense of humor.