This Fawn Was As Good As Dead In The Raging Floodwaters. But You’ll Never Believe What This Boy Did.

A young fawn was caught in raging floodwater in the town of Noakhali, Bangladesh. The baby deer quickly began to surrender to the turbulent current  and was about to drown, when a young boy named Belal rushed into the water without hesitation to save the helpless animal. Incredibly, Belal’s heroic act was caught on camera, as Wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab captured the brave act while visiting the region.

Belal was at great risk of drowning himself, but was determined to save the life of the innocent fawn.
As locals cheered the daredevil from the riverbank, Belal grabbed the fawn's legs and tried desperately to keep it above the water's surface. The situation was so dire that at one point it looked like the boy might need saving himself!
This is such a touching scene!
Many of the locals in this area have lost a lot of their cattle during seasonal floods.