A bad haircut is something no one, human or dog, should endure – but like other things in life, it’s just bound to happen sometimes. These dog owners had the best intentions at heart, but when they started working the sheers, their creativity got the better of them. And now their dogs are forced to live with the most horrible haircuts ever.

Check out the world’s worst grooming fails, and remember – it’s okay to have a laugh at someone’s expense, as long as it’s behind their backs.

1. Someone should really have a serious talk with this pup’s owner.
1-Fluffy to Skinny Dog

2. That can’t be a Golden Retriever…
2-Dog trying to be Lion

3. What a lovely gremlin. Err… dog.
3- Creepy Dog Haircut

4. I guess they were going for the Kim Kardashian look.
4- Poofy Dog

5. I thought people love their dogs!
5- Chinese Dog

6. A little creepy, but nice goatee… bro.
6- Dog With A Goatee

7. LOL… Wow.
7- Shaved Dog

8. They wanted a lot of “body” in this haircut.
8- Horrible Dog Haircut

9. The full-body mohawk. Nice.
9-  Minature Lion Dog Haircut

10. He still doesn’t look like a lion.. Maybe a hyena?
10- This Dog Looks Like A lion

11. Shameful.
11- Mummy Dog Haircut

12. Is this for real?
12- Ridiculous Dog Haircut

13. Bangs have never made anyone look so grumpy.
13- Dogs Can Have Bangs too

14. Sgt. donkey reporting for duty!
14- Dog With a Mohawk

15. I wonder where they were going with this.
15- X Marks The Spot Dog

Source: Madfruit

These unlucky pups show just a fraction of the true potential that dogs and their coats hold. Just wait until you see these dogs groomed to look like other animals

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