It’s easy to tear down old things and build something new, but there’s something that’s lost when we brush the past aside so lightly.

This family was faced with a similar dilemma when they were searching the countryside for a new home. Fortunately, they found a solution that brought old and new together in a truly amazing way.

Carlos and his sister Carmino dreamed of finding a summer home for their extended family but they weren’t  having luck locating anything that suited them.


Once weekend during a trip to rural Spain they spotted an old and run-down stable. It needed a lot of work, but they knew the project would only bring them all closer together. 


It might not look like anything special from the outside. But when Carlos slides open the doors, all that changes.


I can’t believe the transformation!

Isn’t that just insanely cool? It’s such a unique place, and perfect for massive family getaways. What a find!

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