Old houses can be fascinating places. Sure, as an owner they may be a struggle to maintain, but if you’re willing to put in the work, buying historical property tends to be a valuable investment.

One man from Cleveland, Ohio, knew this all too well when he inherited a family home passed down for generations. Though familiar, he soon discovered that the house had some extraordinary secrets hiding inside…

From asbestos removal to mold, renovating a house that’s ‘been around the block’, can reveal all sorts of surprises — usually not for the better. 

When a Cleveland resident finally decided to remodel his basement, he knew that there could be a lot of unexpected variables to deal with. However, that didn’t stop him from trying to make his project a reality.

The 35-year-old lived in a very old home, passed down in his family for generations. He was well into the remodeling stages when he stumbled upon something quite unusual…

While taking apart the ceiling, he realized one area did not look like the rest. Curiosity quickly got the best of him and he decided to remove the panel in question.

Hidden inside was something totally unexpected: a green suitcase. He then grabbed his camera to start documenting this unusual discovery.

Before snapping another picture, though, he decided to let his wife know what he had found — she was fascinated. They went back down to the basement together to find out exactly what was inside the mysterious luggage.

Though the suitcase wasn’t particularly heavy, it didn’t make the couple any less curious about what it could be hiding. Here, they used a toy banana toothbrush for infants to show its unique size.

The case was made almost entirely of metal and was secured with an old rope. After the man took some more photos, it was time. He cracked it open and was surprised to find a few neatly wrapped packages…

Trying to contain his excitement, he went through the contents slowly and carefully, even taking inventory of each item uncovered. The bottom of the box was lined with old newspapers. One of them went as far back as March 1951!

As for the other packages? Well… the man did his best to keep his hopes in check. He didn’t want to let the elaborate fantasies of what could be inside deter him from the excitement of the discovery itself.

Finally, he opened up the first package and with one peek, his visions actually came true! He showed what he estimated to be $1,000 worth of $20 bills to his wife who was standing by. But that wasn’t the only surprise waiting to be found…

The next package was stuffed with about $5,000 worth of $50 bills! They expected to maybe find something worth money, but not this much actual cash. Questions quickly sprouted in their minds on what they should do next.

Inside of their own home was a box full of cash just sitting in their basement. Who knew how long it had been there? The last package contained perhaps the best treasure of all…

Underneath it all was a stack of $100 bills, a gold certificate, and star notes (currency that has been misprinted) that never circulated. It was a historian’s dream and a plucky treasure hunter’s Motherlode! 

The man and his wife knew they were in over their heads, so they called a lawyer right away to have the box appraised and learn about how the law could impact their find. 

The man could have taken the money and claimed it as his own, but he wanted to be responsible. He realized that the money may not legally belong to him, and he didn’t want to end up on the wrong side of things.

In the meantime, this man went back to remodeling his basement, where he discovered yet another box — stuffed with about $10,000!

The couple couldn’t believe it, and the lawyer had some news that would make all of these discoveries even more exciting. It was concluded that the money — all $45,000 of it — indeed belonged to the man and his wife.

The money was an amazing godsend to the couple, who used the cash to pay for their mortgage, with the intention of buying a new one in a more rural area.

When this man started remodeling his basement he expected that it was going to cost him a small fortune, but it wound up earning him one instead. Though finding money is nice, there’s another common item hidden in homes that’s more valuable than cash…

One Canadian man and his boss realized this fact rather quickly on their latest job, where they spent the whole summer working together in order to build a wine cellar for a client in Vancouver.

Building a new addition is not only time-consuming but tough. Naturally, any project can come with its own set of surprises.

The job was simple and straightforward: transform this basement into a beautiful repository for wine, but it soon turned into something so much more.

“Built this wine cellar with my boss for a client,” the man shared online. “Found something pretty neat!” He wasn’t speaking out of turn, either. This young fella found something pretty exceptional in the process of building the cellar…

However, this plucky renovator wasn’t about to reveal his surprising discovery. At least, he wasn’t about to do it right away! “It was built with local sandstone and reclaimed brick,” he started.

It’s clear that there was quite a bit of craftsmanship on display here, as rustic as the cellar might have seemed. While the cellar was an entirely new addition to the home, many of the bricks used to build it had been around for some time.

That was because in order to construct the cellar and maintain an old fashioned feel, the men used reclaimed bricks—and one of those bricks held a surprise. “Here is one of the reclaimed bricks with a partial stamp.” What could those strange symbols possibly mean?

3-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

At that point, the man could have just shrugged off the symbols and ignored them entirely, but he was really curious. He couldn’t shake the feeling that these symbols told a fascinating story he just had to learn…

Though the man worked with reclaimed materials, including bricks, often during his job, he had never seen marks on other bricks that looked quite like these. Naturally, he wanted some answers.

If he was going to solve this brick’s mysterious history, he’d have to do some serious digging. Luckily, he knew that symbols on bricks often indicated something important about them…

Marks on bricks can mean different things. Sometimes bricks are imprinted with the name of the firm responsible for making them; other times, bricks can be marked with symbols indicating where and when the brick originated.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for information about a brick, there are several valuable resources that you can consult. Brick aficionados around the globe have made it their business to record the different meanings of bricks they find and make them available online.

4-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

“I did some research to find where and when these bricks came from,” said the man. He thought that with all of the databases, available it’d be a relatively easy feat to get the information that he needed…

However, it took him a little bit longer than he expected—but it was absolutely worth the wait. As he discovered, this brick was made in Illinois by the Illinois Brick Company, which shut down back in 1938.

It was clear that these bricks went on quite a journey! “It’s quite impressive seeing as though the wine cellar is on Vancouver Island,” the man said once he learned of the brick’s origins.

While it was helpful to have this information, it also left him with more questions. How on Earth did a brick all the way from the middle of the United States make its way to a Canadian island? Where was this brick first used? The questions kept coming.

As amazing as it was that he found any information at all, he was about to discover something even more enlightening about these unusual bricks. “One day I reached for a brick only to have the end of it fall off, revealing…”

6-wine-cellar-brickdaggerleep / Imgur

“…What I’m assuming is some poor factory worker’s house key. Either that or I am about to embark on an adventure as grand as National Treasure 2,” he joked. Can you imagine what door this key once opened?


It’s crazy that something as valuable as a key would be hidden in a brick! While it’s highly unlikely that this key was intentionally placed there, it can’t be denied that it was a truly amazing find. Nic Cage would be proud!

Hopefully, if this guy really does embark upon an adventure worthy of a National Treasure movie, he’ll keep us updated! The mere fact that he found such an old key in a brick is pretty wild. Who would have thought all of that cool stuff would come from building a wine cellar?