Man Makes Stunning Discovery After A Baby Bear Jumps Into His Raft

When Danny Allen was rafting on the Nolichucky River between Tennessee and North Carolina last year, he spotted something heartbreaking: a months old bear cub wandering aimlessly around the riverbanks without its mother.

Danny steered his raft closer to the poor cub to investigate. That's when the baby bear did something he never saw coming...

When Danny Allen saw this baby bear all by herself on the riverbanks, he quickly steered his raft towards the poor animal...and watched, surprised, as she hopped right in!
Danny quickly brought the bear cub to Matt Moses at the USA Raft Company, who had seen the lonesome creature in the last few days.
When the bear arrived, she was clearly starving and dehydrated.
Soon enough, they called the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, who brought the cub to the Appalachian Bear Rescue.