It’s pretty common knowledge that bears go into hibernation for several months at a time. Still, there’s so much we don’t know about what exactly hibernating entails.

If you’ve ever wondered where a bear goes when they hibernate, wonder no more. These photos reveal the very private retreat that a bear spends time in as it recharges for the winter, and it may be totally different than what you expected.

As you can see, the entrance to a bear’s hibernation den is pretty small. This is no coincidence: the tiny opening is a means of keeping cold air out of rest of the space.

bear-hole-1Russia Trek

The space itself is rather small, allowing just enough room for the bear to fit inside. Once inside, the bear will stay there for upwards of seven months.

bear-hole-2Russia Trek

This graph shows the dimensions of a typical bear den in centimeters. The area where the bear sleeps is 100 x 90 cm, or about 3 1/2 x 3ft. That’s a really tight space for such a large animal!

bear-hole-3Russia Trek

Well, it sure is a cozy little spot, though I think I’ll stick to spending winter hibernating under my covers with a movie!

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