The summer months are all about spending time in the sun and warm weather, but one of the biggest drawbacks of the season is the bug life. As soon as the temperature starts to rise, flies, mosquitoes, and other pests seem to come out in droves!

Handling these insects can be a challenge if you’re not prepared. Luckily, there are a number of simple and effective DIY projects that can help out with pest control in a big way.

Take this device, courtesy of Salem, Indiana man Dan Owsley. After years of dealing with horseflies each summer, he devised a simple contraption that takes the pesky bugs out of the picture—permanently.

Salem, Indiana resident Dan Owsley recently shared a horsefly trap he built in his backyard that works like a charm and has inspired others to build similar ones!

trap-1Facebook / Dan Owsley

His design is fairly simple. The legs hold up a basin that he lines with a back trash bag and fills with soapy water. Suspended over the basin are two sheets of plexiglass suspended at 45-degree angles.trap-2Facebook / Dan Owsley

The device actually works because horseflies are visual hunters. They’ll spot the black garbage bag, think that it’s something they’d like to bite, and fly over. They inevitably hit the plexiglass panes and then fall into the soapy water where they drown.

trap-3Facebook / Dan Owsley

For the trap to work, the water has to be replaced everyday (otherwise, the flies will smell their deceased brethren). The plexiglass also needs to be kept clean, or else they’ll spot it. With those simple steps, though, horseflies don’t stand a chance!

trap-4Facebook / Dan Owlsey

A man in Tennessee replicated Dan’s design and shared a video that shows just how incredible the contraption is in action!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Seeing that many dead horseflies is pretty gross, but that’s the only way you know it’s getting the job done! Congratulations to Dan for coming up with such an ingenious device!

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