When you walk into a hair salon, you usually know what to expect. You’ll get a shampoo, you’ll chat with your stylist, and then (fingers crossed) you’ll leave with the stylish new ‘do of your dreams! While you might worry about walking out with a disaster on your head, you probably don’t ever worry that you won’t make it out of there alive.

But maybe you should.

One woman’s life was changed forever when a simple visit to the hair salon ended with her being rushed to the hospital. When the doctors told her what happened, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing… and you won’t either.

In 2010, Elizabeth Smith’s life changed forever.


The happy mother of two was rushed to the hospital after a hair appointment at the Blowbunny salon in San Francisco.


At the ER doctors gave her a CT scan which revealed that an artery in her neck had been damaged, causing her to suffer a stroke. 


This sounds crazy, but among professionals this is so common, that it actually has a name: beauty parlor stroke.


When you’re getting a shampoo, the angle of your head against the sink’s lip can cause damage to your arteries from hypertension. 


To avoid suffering a beauty parlor stroke, look for a chair that has ample support and adjustable seat. 

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After 8 months, Elizabeth has recovered from her own terrifying incident and is now trying to spread to help other women. 


If we hadn’t seen Elizabeth’s story, we would never have believed it.

Please share this with your friends and family, and let’s all be careful out there.