20 Unknown Facts About The Big Bang Theory

When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that a show about four geeks, one beautiful woman and a truckload of nerd culture references could have become the most popular sitcom in human history, but here we are. Perhaps that’s because, whether you’re a fan of Raj’s timidity, Howard’s wannabe womanizing, Leonard’s hopeless romantic shtick or Sheldon’s bazinga-laden weirdness, The Big Bang Theory has something for everyone. What happens when the cameras are off, though? We did some research of our own, and the findings are pretty exemplary.

20. Howard is a black belt

Howard Wolowitz might seem like a bit of wimp, but in reality actor Simon Helberg is anything but. In fact, the LA native was a karate black belt aged just ten. During his college days, moreover, he even went so far as to punch one of his peers in the face. However, he did apologize immediately after it happened...

19. The show has a pretty musical cast

The intelligence might be scripted, but that doesn’t mean that the cast of TBBT aren’t sporting plenty of talent. Johnny Galecki is a practiced cellist, for example, while Jim Parsons can play the theremin and Mayim Bialik is a harpist. Now that’s a three-piece we’d pay good money to see perform.

18. There’s a bee named after Sheldon’s catchphrase

Naming newly-discovered animals after characters from films and TV is becoming more common, but Euglossa Bazinga, a kind of bee recently discovered in Brazil, might be the first to be named after a catchphrase. It picked up the name because for a long time scientists had mistaken it for a different species. Bazinga!

17. One of the cast has a Ph.D. in real life

All of the actors on the show have probably learned a great deal about science – and Star Trek – since they started, but one had a head start. Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of California. And not only is her character a neuroscientist, but one of the textbooks which appears in the show actually belongs to her.