Photography has been a globally celebrated art form for ages. And with Photoshop allowing us to create impossible images, light filters making our photos pop, and drones letting us go where we have never gone before, camera art will continue to surpass our expectations for a long time.

A website called Dronestagram holds a contest to celebrate the most outstanding works of photography created with the help of drones. Creative talents from all over the world have submitted their birds-eye-view masterpieces, and the following photos were some of the very best and most incredible of 2018…

1. Rural Ice Hockey In Russia by Maksim Tarasov: In Russia, if the ice rink doesn’t come to you, you have to make the ice rink! This is a lovely display of good old-fashioned fun with a breathtaking backdrop.

Maksim Tarasov/Instagram

2. A Face In The Grain Field, Germany by Photographers World: Is this Grandmother Willow’s husband? We’re not sure if there is simply an ominous storm rushing through this field or if it really does contain a spirit, but we can’t help but be intrigued by this friendly face.

Photographers World/Dronestagram

3. Fishing Boat In Vietnam by Trung Pham: At first glance, you might think you’re looking at a gigantic jellyfish, but it’s actually a fishing net! Fishing is critical to life in Vietnam. Fish are the main protein consumed in the country, as well as being their biggest export. 

Trung Pham/Instagram

4. Hon Khoi Salt Field, Vietnam by Trung Pham: Clearly Trung is not only great at capturing Vietnamese agriculture like fishing, but salt fields as well. Every shape and color in this photo make it look so surreal, yet our guess is that this was a completely candid moment.

Trung Pham/Instagram

5. Sheep Herding by Photographers World: Babe the pig must be hard at work again because these sheep are lined up perfectly! Hopefully they are heading towards some less arid land or getting ready for a nice cool shear.

Photographers World/Dronestagram

6. Three Figures In The Jordan Desert by Kolibik: Shadows can create wonderful optical illusions, like these three people who look like a group of Christ The Redeemer statues. While this photo may be staged, its stark contrast and simple but clever imagery make it just as wonderful as any candid one.


7. Two Dogs, Two People, and Four Shadows by Qliebin: Similarly to Kobilik’s picture of the three shadows in the desert, this photo plays with the perfect shadows of two very large people and their very large dogs.


8. Creta’s Beach By Matayo: Speaking of pleasing to the eye… these umbrellas are placed in nearly perfect rows, yet the only one that is occupied is what makes this photo shine (along with the beautiful color contrast between the sand and the ocean).


9. The Best Camping Spot by Balazs3: This title says it all. This looks like the most serene and yet exciting place to camp in the winter (if you enjoy the cold, that is). Technically, this could count as an advanced selfie.


10. Brighton Pier by Luke Maximo Bell: The Brighton Pier is a staple of an English summer. It features several food stands, as well as rides and attractions, and while those are featured in millions of tourist photos, very few people have ever seen the hub from above.

Luke Maximo Bell/Instagram

11. On The Nhu Y River by Tuan Nguyen: These girls in Ao Dai dresses are releasing the floating candles on the river as a spiritual gesture to pray for peace and happiness — a longstanding cultural tradition in Vietnam.

Tuan Nguyen/Dronestagram

12. Shot Over The Infamous Half Desert Road In Dubai by WhoSane: The “Half Desert Road” is colloquially named so due to it crossing half a desert. It’s an incredibly popular spot for photographers for obvious reasons, but after a big sand storm, this photo takes the cake.

13. Canoes In The Singapore Reservoirs by John Wong: Over the past few decades, Singapore has become an increasingly popular spot for tourism, with loads to eat, see, explore, and do… much like this kayaking class! Do you see a smile in this excited group of rowers?

John Wong/Dronestagram

14. A Collapsed Truck In Russia by Drone Nest: When this photographer saw the fallen truck on their way home, they rushed to their drone to capture the moment before it was moved.

Drone Nest/Instagram

15. The Projects In Brooklyn by Sanllacer: Also known as public housing buildings, project areas like these often feature a similar style of architecture. This one stands out due to the buildings’ 90° corners. It’s an impressive block to see from the sidewalk, but even more so from up in the air!


16. An Abandoned Water Park In Dubai by Dxbdrone: Ah, the faded glory of what was once a place full of joy… One may think that Dubai is the perfect place to cool off and splash around, but apparently success in the matter is still not guaranteed.

DXB Drone/instagram

17. Bathing Hippos In Tanzania by Zekedrone: “This by far was the highlight of my trip to Tanzania,” the photographer wrote. “A giant hippo party, which was super VIP. But I knew exactly how to get in. Something they couldn’t resist… A game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!”

Zeke Drone/Instagram

18. Color Changes As A Farmer Prepares A Berry Farm In Early Spring Outside Of Peterborough, Ontario by Justen Soule: No this is not Photoshopped! This farmer is spreading fertilizer, so we’re betting this moment looks better than it smells…

Justen Soule/Instagram

19. The Outskirts Of A Town Called Dorothy In Alberta, Canada by Justen Soule: It seems Justen is no stranger to rural areas. This road leading to nowhere gives off a surprisingly optimistic feeling, although we wouldn’t try entering the tall red house.

Justen Soule/Instagram

20. Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro by Americo Vermelho: Did the architect who designed these beachside cafés know that one day a drone photographer would be flying on by? The sharp square roofs, in contrast with the groovy sidewalk, are almost unsettling  — and yet pleasing at the same time.

Americo Vermelho