The Best Gaming Keyboards In 2024

For ardent gamers, the prospect of choosing just the right keyboard to suit both their budget and their needs can seem like a daunting and arduous task. Yes, the most committed keyboard warriors will require effortless typing, just the right amount of tactile feedback, zero latency, and much more besides. But don’t fret or rage-quit: we have done the research for you and can take you through the very best keyboards for your gaming needs. We’ve taken into account budget, size, color, and playing style, so whether you are an experienced gamer or a complete newbie, we’ve got the right choices for you. Read on to discover the finest gaming keyboards on the market today and get ready for your assault on the online gaming world!

The gaming keyboard landscape

There’s no doubt that the gaming keyboard landscape can be a really bewildering world to navigate. There are so many different types, with differing features, sizes, and set-ups. It’s enough to give any gamer a serious headache!

But with the array of choices on the market, there is bound to be a gaming keyboard that ticks all — or at least most — of the boxes for you. Let’s face it, gaming online is hard enough: you really cannot compete without a keyboard that suits your style to a T.

Best overall high-end keyboard: Asus ROG Azoth

If you are an experienced gamer looking for a high-end keyboard, then you likely can’t do much better than the Asus ROG Azoth. A truly beautiful piece of kit that just oozes build quality, the Azoth is one for serious enthusiasts, or perhaps confident beginners with relatively deep pockets.

So, what is so good about it? Well, to start with, the Azoth features a gorgeous OLED display that is built into its sturdy frame. This OLED display is not just pretty, but intuitive and versatile. You can bring up your keyboard settings and system info at a glance, and the former can be quickly altered by a three-way knob.

Not just pretty

Besides the impressive OLED display and the eye-catching fluctuating RGB colors on the keyboard, the Azoth is lovely to type on, whether you’re gaming or working. The gasket-mounted mechanical keyboard is equipped with double-shot PBT keycaps and three layers of foam inside its plastic chassis.

These have the effect of stifling the clicking sound that a regular keyboard produces. The Azoth is wireless with Bluetooth capability and sizewise it follows the 75 percent form factor model. Its NX switches come in in red, brown, and blue, which denote linear, tactile, and clicky settings respectively.

Additional accessories

The Azoth boasts impressive battery life, and when you unbox it, you’ll find a bunch of welcome accessories with it. These include extra switches, keycap and switch pullers, and a DIY lube station to help you fine-tune your keyboard’s sound and feel.

One clear downside, though, is the Armory Crate software that it comes with, some reviewers have characterized as clunky at best. Also, because it is compact by design, there are fewer keys than on numerous other keyboards. Overall, though, the Azoth is a superb gaming keyboard and it’s probably worth shelling out the near-$250 asking price — if you have the means, that is.