This Massive Bear Spotted A Cat In Its Enclosure, And What It Did Defies The Laws Of Nature.

The laws of nature are often unkind when tiny animals come across larger, fiercer creatures. When an apex predator discovers a defenseless, weaker prey in the wild, the hierarchy of the food chain comes into play, and the results are far from pretty.

But someone forgot to tell this to Mäuschen, an 800 pound asiatic bear, and her adorable house cat friend, Muschi.

In 2000, employees at the Berlin Zoo noticed that a mysterious house cat started to appear around Mäuschen's enclosure.
Instead of harming the little kitty, Mäuschen was thrilled to have a new pal.
The two quickly became inseparable.
In 2007, Muschi and Mäuschen were kept apart while the bear's enclosure was expanded.