People all over the country are recently getting into the “tiny home” movement, sacrificing space and size in order to maximize organization and efficiency. But how much can you really save by downsizing? Just ask Paul Elkins, who estimates that he spent just $150 on his absolutely minuscule homestead.

And while you might think it’s impossible to have a functional home in such a small, lightweight space, just wait until you see what’s inside!

This is what the camper looks like from the outside. Doesn’t look like much…

The camper had to be small and light enough for Paul to be able to haul it around on his bike.


It actually started out as a dog house


…but it’s come a long way. Just watch and see for yourself!

This is easily the tiniest tiny home that we’ve ever seen, but all things considered it actually looks pretty livable! When can I move in?

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