It’s safe to say that no one on the planet would willingly want to spend their precious weekend cleaning out an old, dusty attic. It’s a tedious, exhausting, and time-consuming chore, after all! Still, there’s always a chance that you could uncover some remarkable treasures under all of those cobwebs.

This was undoubtedly the case for these 20 fortunate folks who recently went digging through their respective grandparents’ attics. While each of the items they found were unexpected, no one knew they’d be so strange

1. While digging through their grandparents’ attic, one Reddit user was taken aback by the green glow emanating from a wine glass. It turned out that the glass dated back to 1911 and was made with uranium; when it was exposed to UV light, it glowed a bright green color!


2. The person who discovered this strange figurine set asked their parents what it was, but they didn’t have any answers. Could it have been it the inspiration for the famous Dogs Playing Poker collection of paintings? (And if so, where are the playing cards?)


3. Any fan of the classic board game Monopoly would be delighted to find this 30-year-old edition of the game. The green felt in the center makes it feel like you’re gambling at a ral casino! Not to mention, it looks like the game pieces are made of gold—how fancy.


4. It must have been pretty startling to come face to face with this creepy mask, which appeared to have been sculpted from a rotting coconut shell. Apparently, it hung on the wall of this person’s grandparents for years.


5. Can you imagine stumbling upon this strange item in an attic? No, it wasn’t some mystical table that told the future. It was actually a marble solitaire game, and it was potentially worth some serious cash!


6. When a Redditor uncovered these bizarre baubles in his attic, he naturally consulted the good people of the internet to find out what they were. Their answers ranged from Christmas ornaments to watering globes for a garden.


7. You’d think this tiki mug was bizarre enough. But if you peeked inside, you’d find another character lurking there—and grinning maniacally at you. Just what everyone wants in the morning: a surprise in their coffee!

8. The person who found this vial—which contained a thick, dark liquid—couldn’t say for sure what it was, but she came up with some interesting speculations. According to the internet, it could’ve been perfume or even old holy water.


9. What was most surprising about this beautiful guitar was that it looked like all six strings were intact! The beautiful seaside scene painted on the body was a nice touch, too. It really makes you wonder what it sounded like when it was played…

10. “Found this thing at my grandparents’ house,” said the person who photographed it. “It has numbers and weird symbols at the top.” As it turned out, it was actually an undetonated World War II shrapnel shell—and the symbols were used to set when it would explode.

11. The person who discovered this oscilloscope in their grandparents’ attic was going to have a fun time in science class. It showed electronic signals pass back and forth on its rounded screen.


12. How’s this for a serious sword? Just look at the details on the gilded hilt and scabbard. Whoever found this ornate weapon must have been wondering if it was worth any money…

13. Clumsy eaters would love this nifty invention, which was used to help push food from a plate onto a fork or spoon! These definitely need to come back into style—eating can be messy.

14. This sword was just sitting in someone’s grandparents’ attic. Were they ninjas in training? Or were they simply collectors of antique weapons? Maybe this person doesn’t really want to answer that question…


15. These antique theater glasses suggested that this person’s grandparents were quite cosmopolitan in their heyday! Could you imagine trying to watch a play through these nowadays, though?


16. This handy pocket knife dated back to the early 1900s, so it’d probably fetch a pretty penny at auction. Just check out those details on the handle! MacGyver could only dream of owning this tool…

17. A teacher said that their student brought this 1930s Underwood typewriter to class, claiming that it had belonged to their grandparents. It might’ve been more cumbersome than a laptop, but at least they could type their reports on it!

18. This brass smoking pipe was truly a thing of beauty, from the inscription on its base to the way its neck was shaped. One could only hope to see this appraised on an episode of Antiques Roadshow!

19. Who would keep a massive turtle shell in their attic? This person’s grandparents, apparently! Some users on Reddit suggested that it resembled a gigantic avocado. Tough to disagree with that one…


20. It might be difficult to tell what this teeny vial was at first glance, but if you guessed perfume, then you hit it right on the nose! While we’re accustomed to seeing the product in big bottles today, some perfume was actually sold in tiny glass vials like this.

21. Many people wonder if there might be some sort of fabulous treasure tucked away in the attic of their childhood home. There has to be something in all of those boxes, right? A man named Mark Lopez, however, never really thought this way.

As kids, Mark and his sister, Maria, were told plenty of outlandish stories from their grandfather. Still, it never crossed their minds that he was telling the truth. He was just entertaining them, right?

For instance, when Mark and Maria were young, their grandfather used to claim that he’d located the treasure of José Gaspar, a notorious Spanish pirate, many years ago. The children enjoyed the story, but they never took it seriously.

After their grandfather passed away, Mark and Maria were tasked with cleaning his attic. They figured they’d find nothing of value… until they made a startling discovery inside an unmarked box that changed everything they thought they knew about him!

Among the items that Mark and Maria found inside the strange container was a picture of two people on their wedding day. While they had no proof, the siblings assumed it was likely a photograph of their great-grandparents.

Also inside the box was a crude map of Tampa, Florida, from the 1930s. Why would their grandfather keep such a bizarre item seemingly drawn by hand? Still, there were other items to add to the mystery…

Mark and Maria also found an array of what they believed to be Portuguese and Spanish coins dating all the way back to the 16th century. Perhaps there really was some truth to their grandfather’s stories?

“Maybe my great-grandparents were pirates,” Mark joked later, while admitting that the truth can sometimes be shocking. Still, he and his sister hadn’t seen anything yet! They kept digging through their grandfather’s stuff…

Quite disturbingly, the chest also contained a preserved human hand! It really must have seemed like something from straight out of a horror film. What the heck was their grandfather doing with a hand?

Both Mark and Maria were in complete shock when they discovered the hand. “Maria came across it and once she told me she found a hand in a box. I was totally blown away,” he admitted after their find.

Why would their grandfather keep a preserved human hand for so long? And why would he keep it all a secret from his family? Mark and Maria knew they had to do some more digging if they ever wanted to know the truth.

While every thought imaginable stirred in their minds, Mark and Maria decided they had to get to the bottom of their discovery, once and for all. So they brought the box and the items inside to a professional for appraisal.

First, Tampa Bay History Center curator Rodney Kite-Powell took a look at the coins. “They’re a little thin to be Spanish Coins or old coins in general. Generally, older coins were thicker,” Rodney explained.

The coins weren’t as old as they’d anticipated, but that didn’t make them any less exciting. Next, Rodney wanted to give the crude map of Tampa a close examination. After a while, he determined it dated back to either the 1920s or 1930s.

The chances of any of the items having belonged to José Gaspar were starting to dwindle. “It’s fascinating, but I just don’t know what to make of it aside from the fact that it’s probably not José Gaspar’s hand, these probably aren’t Spanish coins,” Rodney explained.

Of course, the hand might not have belonged to José Gaspar, but that didn’t do anything to take away from its mystery. Mark and Maria still had no idea of its origins—or if it was all even real to begin with.

“I think it still looks real and the weirdest thing is the hand,” Mark mentioned, while taking a moment to remember all the tall tales his grandfather had told him and his sister when they were children. Was he lying or not?

“Either my great-grandfather made the best, most elaborate pirate hoax ever and never shared it with anyone, or he really did find some treasure on the Hillsborough River,” Mark recalled. “There’s really no way to know.”

Mark and Maria decided they’d hold onto the mysterious box and its mysterious contents as a relic of their late grandfather and their family history. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll learn the whole truth!

While the coins, map, and hand might not have given Mark and Maria the answers they were looking for, there’s no denying that simply sifting through their grandfather’s items gave them a glimpse into his past. And what a wild past it was!