Cate Blanchett Candidly Opened Up About Her 25-Year Marriage

With no fewer than eight Oscar nominations to her name, Cate Blanchett is one of the most celebrated actresses of her generation. And she’s been supported pretty much throughout her career by one man: Andrew Upton. So what is it that makes the pair tick? Well, Blanchett hasn’t been afraid to get candid about the rather unusual secrets of their marriage.

A man of many talents

So who exactly is Andrew Upton? Well, like Blanchett, he’s also a pretty big name in the entertainment world: only his role is behind the scenes, rather than center stage. As a director and playwright, Upton has adapted several notable works for London’s National Theatre. Proving he’s a man of many talents, he’s also penned an opera libretto!

A lower profile

Upton has occasionally ventured in front of the camera, though. His acting credits include The Last Time I Saw Michael Gregg, Manifesto, and Journey’s End. He’s also directed a handful of films, including Stories of Lost Souls and Bangers. But Upton’s profile remains a lot lower than his famous wife. 

Seeing the scissors

Luckily, Upton isn’t remotely bothered about this. Referring to the times when the press crop him out of snaps that he’s posed for alongside Blanchett, the polymath joked to The Belfast Telegraph newspaper, “They just look and think, ‘He’s not interesting, cut him out.’ You can almost see the scissors.”

Public anonymity

In fact, Upton appears to appreciate the fact he can walk the streets unnoticed, unlike his more famous wife. He added, “I’m never followed, but Cate is. Her public identity is very associated with her work, which I think is good, right, and proper, because she’s bloody good at it.”