Dad Was Making Breakfast For His Sons When Something Horrifying Came Out Of The Eggs

Eggs are an incredibly nutritious food. Packed with protein, vitamin D, and iron, it's no wonder they're used in countless recipes. They're also pretty tasty on their own when cooked properly.

Unfortunately, there's always a small risk whenever you purchase eggs. One man learned this firsthand while cooking breakfast for his children. When he cracked open three of the eggs, something truly horrifying poured out!

Ady Reid bought a dozen seemingly ordinary eggs from the grocery store to make breakfast for his sons. When he cracked them open, however, he was horrified: blood gushed out of not one, not two, but three of the eggs. After sharing the images on Facebook, he said that he never wanted to eat eggs again.
Apparently these eggs didn't go through the proper process, called candling, which determines if there's an embryo in the egg. Thankfully, Ady received a refund and a free bottle of wine from the supermarket after complaining about the incident.