Michelle Yeoh Just Won An Oscar, But She’s Not The Only Bond Girl To Conquer Hollywood

Actress Michelle Yeoh just entered into an exclusive Hollywood club: she is now one of three Bond Girls to have won an Oscar. With her historic win at the 2023 Academy Awards, Yeoh became the first Asian Best Actress winner. It has also made her the second-ever woman of color to take home the Best Actress Oscar — the first incidentally being fellow Bond Girl Halle Berry. Yeoh and Berry may have won the coveted statuettes, but they are not the only ladies of the Bond franchise who’ve gone on to have monumental success. So which Bond girl will be next at the Oscars?

Ursula Andress – Dr. No (1962)

Swiss bombshell Ursula Andress – the first and arguably still the ultimate Bond girl – played Honey Ryder. The Dr. No character is a shell diver, and the image of her emerging from the sea in a white bikini remains iconic for many fans even today. Now 85 years old, Andress still looks fabulous with cheekbones to die for and a perfect pout.

Daniela Bianchi – From Russia With Love (1963)

Italian beauty Daniela Bianchi played Soviet Embassy clerk Tatiana Romanova, whose boss, the great Bond villain Rosa Klebb, favored a knife-in-shoe approach to killing. Bianchi, now nearly 80 years old, has lost none of her Bond-girl looks, with her perfectly coiffed blond hair and smooth, glowing skin still in place.

Martine Beswick - From Russia with Love/Thunderball (1963/1965)

Martine Beswick actually played a Bond girl twice: first, she was Zora in From Russia with Love; then she played Paula in Thunderball. And the year after the latter movie, she was cast alongside Raquel Welch and John Richardson in the famous One Million Years B.C.. Incidentally, she would end up marrying Richardson, though the couple later divorced. Today, the beautiful actress is nearly 80, but she’s aged very gracefully indeed.

Shirley Eaton – Goldfinger (1964)

Another iconic Bond moment belongs to Shirley Eaton in 1964’s Goldfinger. Her character, Jill Masterson, is found on a bed dead, having been covered completely in gold paint by the titular villain. Today, the 84-year-old British beauty is as glamorous as ever with long, white-blond hair, a killer smile and only a few lines betraying her advanced years.