The name is Bond. James Bond’s…girl. Since 1962, the James Bond film franchise has graced the silver screen a whopping 26 times, and while there have been seven dreamy actors bestowed upon us assuming the role of Mr. Bond himself, we’re not here to talk about agent 007…

We’re here to idolize the infamous list of Bond girls. Sometimes the cunning enemy, other times the sharp sidekick he’d fail the mission without, these iconic women have defined the James Bond franchise over the years. But once they left the side of the world’s most well-known spy, they forged careers that were shocking. Positively shocking…

1. Diana Rigg: Prior to playing Tracy Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Rigg was a wildly successful actress. Today, you might recognize her as the formidable Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones.

2. Eunice Gayson: Dubbed the first-ever “Bond girl,” Gayson, who played Sylvia Trench, starred in the first two franchise films, Dr. No and From Russia With Love. In her older age, Gayson appeared as the grandmother in Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods.

3. Grace Jones: Boasting a long résumé in modeling, acting, and music Jones, who played May Day in A View to a Kill, is better recognized as a pioneer for women in rock. In 2008 Jones was presented the Q Idol Award for influencing the drag scene.

4. Shirley Eaton: She appeared in Goldfinger painted head to toe in gold! Several years later, the Jill Masterson actress opted to make raising her family her main job.

5. Lana Wood: The sister of the late-Natalie Wood portrayed Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds Are Forever. She’s since starred in over 20 films and 300 TV episodes including The Fugitive, Mission: Impossible, Starsky & Hutch, and Bonanza.

Eon Productions / NBC

6. Honor Blackman: Well-known in the industry when she played the infamous Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, Blackman continued her post-Bond career in movies, TV, music, and theater. Later, after diving into politics, she criticized former-Bond Sean Connery publicly for his politics.

7. Jill St. John: Starring alongside Wood as Tiffany Case in Diamonds are Forever was the height of St. John’s acting career. Post-Bond, she transitioned to a career of cooking and homemaking, appearing frequently on Good Morning America.

8. Akiko Wakabayashi: The King Kong vs. Godzilla star was cast for a minor role in You Only Live Twice. but after her talent pleasantly surprised the producers, they bumped her up to the role of Suki. Until Wakabayashi, all of the “Bond girls” had been European.

9. Jane Seymour: In Live and Let Die, Seymour played Bond’s sultry love interest, Solitaire, and made every fan fall in love with her. She went on to construct a successful TV and movie career but left Hollywood after constant sexual harassment.

10. Barbara Bach: After dropping out of school at 16 years old to start a film career, she caught the eye of one franchise producer and was cast as Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me. Several years later, she caught the eye of Ringo Starr — her current husband.

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11. Lois Chiles: Because of roles in The Great Gatsby and Death on the Nile, Chiles was cast as Dr. Holly Goodhead in Moonraker. In 1997, she made a cameo in the Bond spoof, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, but her scene was cut.

12. Lynn-Holly Johnson: After winning a silver medal in the 1974 U.S. Figure Skating Championship, Johnson was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Ice Castles. This attention resulted in transforming into “Bond girl” Bibi Dahl in For Your Eyes Only. By the mid-90s, she had quit acting to focus on her family.

13. Corinne Cléry: On the American screen, this French-born actress’s most notable role was Corinne Dufour in Moonraker. Most recently, Cléry joined housemates on season two of Grande Fratello VIP, the Italian adaptation of Celebrity Big Brother.

Eon Productions / Fandango

14. Gloria Hendry: Earning the title as the first African-American “Bond girl,” Hendry starred alongside Seymour in Live and Let Die as Rosie Carver, a fierce CIA agent. Although she later assumed smaller roles, Hendry never found much success outside of Bond.

Eon Productions / Anders Frejdh

15. Alison Doody: As the youngest “Bond girl” to date, Doody was just 18 when she played Jenny Flex in A View to a Kill. After the movie aired, Doody was named one of the 12 Promising New Actors of 1986 by John Willis’ Screen World!

16. Tanya Roberts: Prior to playing Stacey Sutton in A View to a Kill, the superstar played TV Julie Rogers in Charlie’s Angels. Most recently, Roberts played the character Midge on That ’70s Show, but left before the series ended because her husband fell terminally ill.

Eon Productions / Fox

17. Maryam d’Abo: Cast as Kara Milovy in The Living Daylights, d’Abo went on to co-write a tribute to the franchise titled Bond Girls are Forever. The book inspired a documentary, released in 2002, featuring d’Abo and other “Bond Girls.”

Pinterest / Les Wilson

18. Carey Lowell: While working as a model for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein in New York City, Lowell was cast as agent Pam Bouvier in A License to Kill. Post-Bond, Lowell played Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross on the hit TV drama Law & Order.

Eon Productions / NBC

19. Famke Janssen: Her role as Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye is actually one of Janssen’s least impressive roles. Notably, she played Jean Grey in several of the X-Men franchise films, Ava Moore in the TV show Nip/Tuck, and Lenore Mills in the Taken trilogy.

Eon Productions / EuropaCorp

20. Carole Bouquet: The lethal Melina Havelock in For Your Eyes Only, Bouquet has starred in over 40 movies, winning Best Actress at the César Awards for her role in the 1989 film Too Beautiful for You and joining the competition jury for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

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21. Britt Ekland: The Swedish-born actress played Mary Goodnight in The Man with the Golden Gun. Her high-profile marriage to Peter Sellers made her one of the most photographed celebs during the ’70s, and in her later career, she worked mainly in TV and stage.

22. Claudine Auger: After earning titles like Miss France Monde and 1958 Miss World first-runner up Auger played “Domino” Derval in the 1965 film Thunderball. Although big in Europe, Auger never was able to solidify her career across the Atlantic.

23. Daniela Bianchi: Before joining the franchise, Bianchi was first runner-up in the 1960 Miss Universe pageant. The media attention helped her land the role of Tatiana Romanova in From Russia with Love.

Eon Productions / Gianfilippo Pedote

While international Bond girls won the hearts of moviegoers, other Miss Universe contestants like Daniela Bianchi didn’t go unnoticed. Like Bond stars, they made quite the impact on the world themselves…

1. Trinidad & Tobago (1998): Wendy Fitzwilliam was the first contestant to wear a two-piece on stage! She went on to become a lawyer and advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, and was honored by the United Nations for her service.


2. Finland (1952): The first Miss Universe winner was 17-year-old Armi Kuusela. While touring the world after her victory, she met her future husband, a Filipino business man named Virgilio Hilario.


3. India (1994): At only 18 years old, Sushmita Sen won over the judges, bringing honor to her family and country. The daughter of an Indian Air Force Wing Commander and a jewelry designer went on to model and act in the Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali film scene.

Miss Universe, LLC

4. United States of America (1954): Miriam Stevenson was the first American to win after a tie-breaking decision crowned her over Brazil’s Martha Rocha. Following her reign as Miss Universe, Stevenson remained in the limelight as a Miss Universe judge and TV host.

HO / Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP

5. Chile (1987): One of the most prestigious pageant winners, Cecilia Bolocco made a career out of being a Spanish-speaking journalist for CNN, Telemundo, and other television programs, which earned her two Emmy awards.

CNN Chile

6. Trinidad & Tobago (1977): The first black woman to win, Janelle Commissiong paved the way for future Miss Universe participants by using her platform to advocate for minority rights. As a result, her home country awarded her the Trinity Cross medal.


7. Mexico (2010): Born in Guadalajara, Ximena Navarrete returned to her hometown after winning to work with Children International, a humanitarian organization focused on helping impoverished children.


8. Japan (1959): It was during the 8th annual Miss Universe pageant that the first Asian contestant, Akiko Kojima, was crowned. But the 22 year old didn’t use her newfound fame to further her career in the spotlight, instead she chose a quiet married life.

MissUniverse / Scoop Nest

9. Australia (2004): From the Land Down Under, nothing about her accomplishments was underwhelming. Jennifer Hawkins became the CEO and founder of two companies, the manager of a portfolio of properties, and host of Australia’s Next Top Model.

The Herald

10. Norway (1990): Mona Grudt was the first and only Miss Universe contestant from Norway. The last to accompany Bob Hope on his tour to entertain the troops, she also guest starred on Star Trek and placed second on Norwegian Dancing with the Stars.

NTB scanpix

11. Greece (1964): Corinna Tsopei won over the judges with her desire to help people if given the platform to do so. She followed through on her promise and used her crown to become chairman for an organization that aided children diagnosed with leukemia.


12. United States of America (1995): Hailing from Texas and raised by great-grandparents, Chelsi Smith was the first contestant of African-American descent to become queen. Afterwards, she pursued a career in acting, singing, and television hosting.


13. Philippines (1969): Gloria Diaz was the first Filipino crowned Miss Universe. Shortly after winning the title, she landed a mega role in the Philippine film industry. To this day, she is still recognized as one of the country’s best actresses.

IMG Miss Universe, LLC

14. Russia (2002): Oxana Fedorova was the first Russian contestant to win after the fall of the Soviet Union. For reasons that are still unclear, Fedorova was stripped of her title just 119 days later being unable to fulfill her Miss Universe duties.


15. Israel (1976): Miss Universe winner Rina Messinger wanted to show “Israel [had] another side, not only war.” When asked which country she wanted to visit after winning, Messinger replied, “an Arab one.” She actually went to Thailand.


16. Philippines (2015): This year, pageant host Steve Harvey accidentally crowned Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, by mistake. It was painful to watch Gutierrez take the crown off her head and give it to the rightful winner: Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

John Locer

17. Colombia (2014): Paulina Vega, born to a cardiologist, always had a passion for the medical field. After getting crowned, Vega joined the fight against HIV/AIDS, volunteering with many organizations and marching in the New York City AIDS walk.

Andrew Innerarity / Reuters

18. Canada (1982): Beating out the United States, Guam, Italy, and Greece, Canada made history when Kate Dianne Baldwin won. She remained in the spotlight for many years following her reign, but ultimately chose a career in real estate.


19. Japan (2007): At 4 years old, Riyo Mori started her career as a dancer. Following her win, she starred in Donald Trump’s show Pageant Place and Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty. She fulfilled her lifelong dream of opening a multicultural dance school.

Andrew Winning / Reuters

20. South Africa (2017): During the competition, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters took a stand for women’s rights when she pointed out that there are still parts of the world where “women get paid 75% of what men earn for doing the same job.”

21. Philippines (2018): Despite moving to the Philippines when she was 18, the half-Scottish, half-Filipino Catriona Elisa Magnayon won several beauty titles for the country thanks to her famous slow-mo twirl.


Miss Universe contestants must be between ages 18 and 28 years old, so, naturally, the winners tend to be young. These women might be excluded from the big show, but they’re just as beautiful as the pageant’s winners…

1. Ilona Royce Smithkin: This senior model stops people in their tracks with her vibrant looks, and she has a history of sketching celebrities. If her outlook on life is as bright as the colors she wears, she’ll be just fine.

2. Linda Rodin: This 67-year-old stylist made red lips famous long before Taylor Swift sported them. She created the popular face oil Rodin Olio Lusso, and she credits her youthful energy to plenty of sleep and healthy eating habits.

3. Penelope Tree: Now 66 years of age, Tree represented the epitome of 1960’s fashion. She’s admitted she finds it difficult channeling a mellow mindset sometimes, but doing so keeps her young.

4. Pierce Brosnan: When this actor put on that snazzy suit for the James Bond films, women all over the world swooned. Brosnan still enjoys dressing to the nines, and frankly, everyone else likes it, too.

5. Jenni Rhodes: Classic vintage pieces were the focus of this actress-turned-fashionista’s style. At 81 years old, Rhodes still works as a model, and her family’s appropriately nicknamed her the “Glam Gran.”

6. China Machado: Machado was the first non-white woman to grace the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in 1959. She’s worked with Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, Givenchy, and other luxury brands over the course of her illustrious career.

7. Pia Gronning: Hailing from Denmark, this actress was featured at an older age in a J. Crew catalog sporting a casual look. Gronning has said that women in Denmark often choose to maintain their classic look as they get older instead of trying to turn back the hands of time.

8. Veruschka von Lehndorff: Discovered at 20 years old, this German model and actress still rocks it years later. Having had a life that included time with Salvador Dali, she’s got every reason to keep giving it her all.

9. Jeff Goldblum: Although the photo on the left makes it look like Goldblum is all business, rest assured this actor is quirky and colorful. And he can still set an eccentric fire to any photo shoot.

10. Jacky O’Shaughnessy: American Apparel has worked closely with O’Shaughnessy for quite some time. She joined the company’s “What’s Underneath Project” where she turned heads wearing lacy underwear.

11. Ann-Margret: Roles in the films Bye Bye Birdie and Grumpy Old Men put this Swedish-American born actress on the radar. She’s maintained her looks and her stellar career since.

12. Priscilla Presley: Sure, being the ex-wife of Elvis Presley doesn’t hurt ones’ career, but Priscilla has definitely earned her status as an actress and business magnate. She starred in the famous series Dallas before turning her attention to business, fragrance lines, and charity work.

13. Kevin Costner: Films like Dances with Wolves and Field of Dreams will live on in the hearts of cinephiles forever, and Costner’s a large reason reason why. Even after 60 years, he still emits swagger.

14. Daphne Selfe: This model garnered a lot of attention when she was chosen to depict Madonna during the singer’s “Material Girl” days for a photo shoot. Age has nothing on her stunning looks today.

15. Helen Mirren: Theater, film, television, and Broadway. If you can think of it, Dame Helen Mirren’s done it. Year after year, she shows up in magazines and on billboards reminding us all that beauty and age can mix.

16. Iris Apfel: This fashion icon is known for her bold and quirky style; she looks like she was plucked right out of a Tim Burton movie, right? Apfel believes if you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.

17. Jeff Bridges: It’s not very surprising that in 1989 Bridges landed himself the top spot on People’s Sexiest Second-Generation Actor list. Even now in his later years, we all have to admit The Dude is still killing it.

18. Jessica Lange: Fans of the show American Horror Story will immediately recognize this actress from her starring roles, but she has a long history with Hollywood. She won Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, and her talent and looks aren’t slowing down.

19. Raquel Welch: This American actress had a striking look that helped pave the way for her in films and television during the ’60s and ’70s. She also has a line of workout videos, so you can look as good as Welch.

20. Tom Hanks: Whether he’s a young boy trapped in an adult’s body in Big or a tourist trapped in an international airport in The Terminal, we all know Hanks as Hollywood’s good guy. And it doesn’t hurt that he still looks great.

21. Goldie Hawn: A comedy television star since 1967, Goldie Hawn has stolen the hearts of America over and over again, only to pass the baton to her daughter, Kate Hudson. These days, Goldie is busy running her foundation, which helps underprivileged children. What a star!

22. Candice Bergen: As a young woman, Candice was a fashion model, appearing on the cover of Vogue. When the fashion industry deemed her too old, she revealed her talent as an actress, notably on the hit TV series Murphy Brown.

23. Brigitte Bardot: While Brigitte started her career as a ballerina, she was quickly scouted by modeling agents. Soon, she became a globally loved model, actress, singer, dancer, AND an animal rights activist. You won’t catch her in fur!

24. Diana Ross: At fifteen, Ross joined the Primettes — a sister to the male group the Primes — and singing career took off. Since then, she has won more than a dozen music awards and has acted in several films — she’s just as loved as ever!

25. Cher: Commonly referred to as the Goddess of Pop, Cher’s been described as embodying female autonomy in a male-dominated industry. Her distinctive contralto singing voice and her variety of looks certainly set her apart during her six-decade-long career.

26. Twiggy: She was a catalog-only model when a stylist chopped off her hair, thickened her mascara, and jumpstarted her career as the very first supermodel. Since then, she has coached America’s Next Top Model contestants and other young women who want to make it in the industry.

27. Barbra Streisand: In the 1960s, Barbra became famous for her musical talent and her sense of style. She has continued her recording career but is now also a well-respected director and producer.

28. Jane Fonda: A woman of many talents, Jane has proved herself worthy as a Broadway, TV, and film actress, model, writer, model, and fitness guru. She is also a political activist who protested the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, and pipelines on Native American soil.

29. Jodie Foster: Jodie has used her years in the movie business quite productively, as she has received two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and the Cecil B DeMille Award.

30. Marsha Hunt: This actress is mostly known for starring in the musical Hair, although others might know her as the love interest of Mick Jagger, who wrote the song “Brown Sugar” about her. She has written three novels and an autobiography, which include her experiences as a breast cancer survivor.

31. Maggie Smith: These days Dame Maggie is best known as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series and Countess Crawley on Downton Abbey. But she began her career on stage, opposite heavyweights like Sir Lawrence Olivier.

32. Yoko Ono: Many only think of her as “that woman who broke up the Beatles,” but Yoko is a musician, multimedia artist, and a peace activist. She has swapped out her hippie style for an edgier look, but her spark and passions have always remained the same.

33. Mary Tyler Moore: Due to her roles on both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, Moore became a feminist icon. Later in life, she was an author and an activist until she passed away from pneumonia in 2017.

34. Maureen McCormick: Nearly every American knows Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, but she has since shaken things up a bit. She struggled with personal and mental health issues for a while, wrote about it all, and began producing music.

35. Mia Farrow: Perhaps Mia’s most iconic role in her youth was Daisy in the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby. She then dated Woody Allen for a while and starred in many of his films before settling down to be a mother. Eventually she picked up acting again, this time on Broadway.

36. Nancy Sinatra: Much like her boots were made for walkin’, the Sinatra family was made for singing. She has produced some famous hits and starred in several films and TV shows. She still performs and appears on TV, albeit much less so than during her early days.

37. Nichelle Nichols: Originally a singer, Nichelle’s acting career took off when she landed a role in the Star Trek TV series and several other popular shows and films. She has also worked with NASA to recruit minority and female personnel for the space agency.

38. Diana Rigg: In 1965 Diana Rigg took the small screen by storm, kicking serious behind in the smash hit show, The Avengers. Today she’s still kicking behind, only now she’s doing it on Game of Thrones.