Artist Creates Stunning Book Sculptures Inspired By Our Favorite Stories

Reading a good book is like getting lost in an entire fantasy world. We disappear into the words on the page, the characters we love, and the places described in vivid detail.

One artist is taking this literary journey to a new level by turning our favorite stories into stunningly beautiful art. After tearing pages out of books, she creates something with them that can only be described as breathtaking.

Artist Su Blackwell transforms books into detailed paper sculptures that appear grow right out of the pages, like this gorgeous scene from To Kill A Mockingbird.
Yeshen Venema Photography
Before she begins carving her sculptures, she always reads the books for inspiration so each visual piece is specific to its original story.
She continues to add details as she goes along, such as the finely crafted animals in this sculpture inspired by The Jungle Book.
Says Su: "The detail is what brings it all together, the magic element. It's a tediously slow process."