This Guy Came Across A Strange Box In The Woods. What He Found Inside Gave Him Quite A Shock.

Greg Zubiak was recently walking in the woods near Glaslyn, in Saskatchewan, Canada, to prepare for an annual moose hunt. Suddenly, he spotted something completely unexpected.

No, it wasn't an unlucky moose. Instead, he found a box full of... puppies. 20 puppies, to be exact, all abandoned in the woods.

Greg in the woods where he found the box.
Cold, scared, and left in an area teeming with coyotes, these little bundles of joy didn't stand a chance if Greg wouldn't have happened to discover them. 
The puppies range in age, and are between 3 and 6 weeks old. "They all just kind of looked at me and I guess my moose hunt was over," says Greg.
Next, he headed to the local Humane Society, only to find that its shelters were already too packed to take care of all of the pups.