Growing up, most of us dream of having a lifelong companion—most likely a dog or a cat. Who doesn’t just love the image of a young child growing older alongside a loyal pet and friend?

For Sambath, a boy from Cambodia, that dream is a reality… but not in the way you might expect. Ever since a baby python slithered into his bedroom as a child—and refused to stay outside when Sambath’s parents removed it—it’s been the young boy’s best friend. He named it Chomran, which means “lucky,” and he remains by his side to this day.

Sambath and his pet python, Chomran, are rarely ever apart. Though the snake is nearly 18-feet long, he is the boy’s best friend.

01-sambath-and-chomranCambodia Tales

The snake seems to feel just as connected to the boy!

02-sambath-and-chomranCambodia Tales

Still, the relationship has some feeling a little uneasy…

So long as he’s well-fed, there’s no reason to think Chomran won’t be able to hang out with his small buddy… without turning him into dinner. Still, pretty wild!

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