Girl’s Rare Disorder Makes Her Bones So Fragile That Even Loud Noises Will Break Them

Living with a congenital illness is never easy, and those who do deserve all the credit in the world. Growing up and learning how to be an adult is hard enough without a disease that requires special attention or extra considerations!

That said, some conditions are much more difficult to handle than others, and some unfortunate individuals really struggle to do even the most basic everyday tasks.

Sabal Parveen, a teenager from India, has one such condition, a genetic disorder called ontogenesis imperfecta. She requires constant care and supervision and can barely get around on her own... because any wrong move could actually fracture her incredibly fragile bones.

Eighteen-year-old Sabal Parveen from Bihal, India suffers from a rare genetic condition called ontogenesis imprefecta, which makes her bones extremely brittle and easily fractured.
Her bones are so sensitive, in fact, that even loud sounds like those from a thunderstorm can cause them break. She has had over 1,000 fractures and has broken 90% of the bones in her body.
While her muscles work fine, trying to move too quickly or suddenly can cause broken bones. Unfortunately, this means she requires constant care, which she understandably finds frustrating at times.
That said, Sabal doesn't let it get her down, and she's determined to live her life as normally as she possibly can. See how she handles her condition in stride in the inspiring video below!